Trying to help

Sportfasting-SA has just been presented with an opportunity to combine it’s passion for sport/health with a Great cause! A few very crazy mates have decided to ride 500km in 24hrs in aid of raising money for Patch Helderberg. Patch Helderberg deals with 50-80 cases of child abuse every month in this area and provide social work support, child care, medical attention, legal protection, defence and clothing. They also work actively to raise awareness. It’s a great cause. Click the link ‘500km Charity Cycle’ to see what it’s all about.

We are trying to get as many people to sign up and cycle with us (you can choose your distance, it does not have to be 500km!!) as possible. We’ll pay the R500 entry for the ‘500km Charity Cycle’ for anyone who buys our ‘Sportfasting Make The Switch Program’ at it’s regular price of R2795…and we’ll donate another R200 for each pack sold.

If you are not that keen on cycling or are not based in South Africa please just help us raise the target amount of R500k with a donation. You can do this by finding Paul Cooper as a registered rider by clicking the link ‘500km Charity Sponsor’ . Or you can donate something other than money by clicking this same link.

Thank you!