Who doesn’t love food?

Food is one of the most interesting and important parts of our lives. We wake up and eat, after 4 hours or so we are eating again, sooner if we need a snack to make it to lunch and then we are at it again for supper a few hours later. If we want to do something with friends or family we go out for lunch or supper, restaurants depend on our need for food. Otherwise it’s rugby and a braai, maybe a picnic.

Even when food isn’t the main event it’s part of whatever we do. If we go to the cinema we tend to buy popcorn and maybe a chocolate to go with our fizzy drink or fruit juice. Go to a sports match and again chocolate is in the mix, maybe crisps and a South African favourite…the boerewors roll.

I’m not complaining, I love food and eating. A friend of mine complains that all I do is eat and I suppose I do eat a fair bit. But then he is on the other end of the scale. I eat mostly healthy food though, so maybe all my eating isn’t as bad as it could be. Perhaps doing a bunch of exercise helps too.

I actually think knowing what to eat is more difficult than knowing what to wear. Although for me I don’t really care what I wear, which is a good thing considering I don’t know any better. I suppose I’m ‘dress sense challenged’. Thankfully more care is taken with what goes into my body than on my body, and in this area I do know better.

The point is that food is all-consuming (pun intended) because we need it so much and have made an event of it. The problem is that in almost every meal and snack there is a bunch of sugar. It doesn’t have to be the sugar you add to tea. An oat bran muffin is actually loaded with sugar, a soft drink obviously has loads of sugar and even fruit juice is loaded with sugar. Pasta isn’t great either and white rice similar. What’s happened through years of programming is that our bodies now depend on sugar as they’ve become used to it. That is to say that unless the body gets a regular dose of sugar it doesn’t know where to get it’s energy.

We think we can change the way your body works, so that it can better use the energy you already have stored. What does this mean, well a few things? Your body won’t depend on sugar for energy, in fact it will be able to use the most powerful and biggest source of energy you have: fat. If you can do this it stands to reason you’ll be slimmer. Without even realising it you won’t have sugar cravings and won’t depend on having some or other form of sugar in your meals. The program lasts 10 days and is basically a system overhaul. If you think this sounds interesting check our website out…or even if it’s not that interesting have a look.

On that note: ‘Focus on what you put in, not on.’ Considering I have little idea what to put on I am biased though.

Gregg Hopfeldt (assuming you haven’t read the ‘Team’ page on our website I’m part of the South African team)