Distance 4 Difference

Paul Cooper of the SA Sportfasting team rode the ‘Distance 4 Difference 500km’ charity ride this past weekend. If he wasn’t already happy to have done Sportfastings ‘Make the switch’ program then he definitely is now. “It helped me dig into my fat reserves and no doubt this was a huge help, it’s difficult to ride that long with carbs and sugar fuelling you.”

Sportfasting’s main goal is to enable your body to burn fat instead of sugar for energy. Fat is a much richer source of energy/calories and in fact per gram provides almost 4 times as much energy as sugar and twice as much as carbohydrates . Considering this and that our bodies have an endless supply of fat for almost any race we would attempt, it seems wise to burn fat if possible. Even the skinniest person has more than enough fat to fuel themselves for two back to back marathons.

I read an interesting article about counting calories recently and thought you may enjoy it. Click ‘Calorie Counting’ to go to the article.

Recently we received stock of ‘Keep the switch’. This is a 3 day mini fast which helps do what the name says. It goes for R780, but for the rest of 2013 if you recommend Sportfasting to anyone and it results in a sale of ‘Make the switch’, we’ll give you ‘Keep the switch’ for R585.

Vaylen Kirtley, an SABC sports presenter, is in her fourth day of Sportfasting ‘Make the switch’. You can follow her on Twitter at @VaylenKirtley

Stay fit and healthy