Can ‘Make the Switch’ improve cholesterol?

Every now and then we like to show you what ‘Sportfasting Make the switch’ can do, like a BIG UP for ourselves. Donovan Brink recently did the program and results were great. He’s a recreational cyclist and last year did the 94.7 cycle race in 2hrs 44mins, putting him in the top 5% in the race. His training hadn’t been great this year, too much indulging and lazing about (sorry Donovan, it’s true) and he decided to do Sportfasting’s ‘Make the switch’ program in the hope it could make up a little for the bad training.

He started at 83kg and ended at 78.6kg, and importantly his heart rate improved. He immediately found he could go as fast as before with a lower heart rate. The problem was that he had just under two weeks to recover for the 94.7 which is not ideal. While ‘Make the switch’ can do wonders for your performance you do need 2 weeks or more recovery. This year he completed the 94.7 in 2hrs 47mins, with way less training and…. last year he had a sub 2hrs 30min rider friend who did the race solely for Donovan to slipstream him, and this year he didn’t. That means he was better this year, he did it on less training and on his own. Roll on next year Donovan, if you train properly and ‘Keep the switch’ you can break 2hrs 40mins.

We don’t think this was his most impressive benefit though. Before the program his cholesterol was 5.5 which is considered above an acceptable limit. Afterwards it was 4, well within an acceptable limit. His bad cholesterol went from 3.4 to 2.3, also a huge improvement. Now this isn’t exactly a scientific study (which incidentally may be done in the future) and we can’t say it was because of the program, but we reckon it’s a good bet the program helped. I reckon these improvements trump any sports benefits, but surely those are good too.

So it’s nearly that time of the year when we give up the healthy eating habits we have, or indulge even more than usual. No point explaining how you should moderate yourself, and to guard against too much of this and too little of that…we all know. The fact is we are going to eat this way, and we’ll do it again next year.

Two tips though, if nothing else do short bursts of high intensity training to burn maximum calories and eat avocado. It seems odd to mention avocado here, but with all the other indulging avocado is so easy to prepare and as tasty as anything else you’ll eat. It’s a ready to eat nutrionally power packed fruit that needs almost no preparation. When you’re in relax mode that’s great. Click ‘Avocado’ to read an interesting article I found on-line. An interesting fact about an avocado…it has a zero GI!

So for the holidays try stay at least a little in shape…or otherwise don’t and do Sportfasting’s ‘Make the switch’ program next year.