Change is difficult

Making a change is never easy. We all know the saying ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’, but it’s difficult for most people to make any big change. I’m in the process of changing my car, but that’s because 2 weeks ago an armed gentleman decided it seemed wise for him to take ownership. Definitely not happy about that change, but it would be great if we could change some things in our lives as quickly as that. Like flipping a light switch or ripping off a plaster, just get it done.

A big change for most people would be their food habits. And it needs to be a change and not a diet. A diet implies something short lived to lose weight and that isn’t really good enough. Eating healthy needs to be a lifestyle, not a short lived diet. Without going into detail on what you should eat, and there’s a ton of opinion on this, we all know a few basics: avoid soft drinks, crisps and chocolate (what I consider rubbish). Maybe a start is not to stock your cupboard with rubbish. You mostly crave these things and your mouth waters when you know they are there. If chocolate isn’t an option it is easy to deal with not eating it. Pretty soon you won’t be concerned with not having a snack cupboard.

We have pointed out many times that sugar is one of the major enemies to keeping a healthy weight, being healthy in general and it’s not really great for endurance sports performance either. For an interesting (and quite long) article about sugar click ‘Sugar Shock’.

We have a new testimonial on our website. Check out how well Sportfasting ‘Make the switch’ worked for Donovan Brink by clicking ‘Donovan’s Testimonial’. It includes pictures of before and after.

Stay fit and healthy