Go ‘Mini’ Fast…and Vaylen

A full time working girl and mother, with about 4 – 5 hours per week available to train, taking on the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon is not a realistic goal is it?

Well for three months preceding the event having her longest training run at 15km other than one Half marathon ( Dischem 21 ) and one full marathon (the Pick&Pay to qualify for Two Oceans) this is a goal that Vaylen Kirtley set herself.

With an amazing amount of inner strength and determination, as well as a couple of well timed Sportfasting ‘Mini’ Fasts she completed the Two Oceans in 5hrs 35min.

Well done Vaylen, an amazing achievement!

We noticed that people battle to fit in the full 10 days that our ‘Make the switch’ takes, Which Vaylen did last year. Clearly Two Oceans would be a challenge under normal circumstances, but being a single mother with a full time job even more challenging. And no time to fit in the 10 day ‘Make the Switch’ program.

We suggested Vaylen try ‘Mini’ Fasts which cater to this. It would help boost her endurance and ability to burn fat. It would also help with the limited training she was able to do, in a way cheat training or a training hack. A ‘Mini’ Fast is 3 days long with only 1 complete fasting day. The benefits are similar to the full program, but not quite the same shot in the arm…and not as tough to fit into your schedule. At R780 it’s also easier on the pocket than ‘Make the switch’ at R2 795.

Again, congratulations Vaylen. Hard work, determination, focus…and we think some credit to the ‘Mini’ Fast!