Vaylen- GetIt

For those of you who don’t already know, in the August version of GETIT magazine there was an interview with Vaylen Kirtley who amongst other things is a news and sports presenter on SABC. In fact some of you probably subscribed to this list because of the interview. Every weekday morning you will see Vaylen on Morning Live on SABC. Based on the interview clearly Vaylen was happy with Sportfasting. Check it out in the media section of our website by clicking ‘here’.

We spoke about Vaylen in our e-mail from 29 April this year. For those who have not been on this mailing list long enough to read about Vaylen the summary is: Last year she did ‘Make the switch’. This year she wanted to do The Two Oceans, the full 56km…being a full time working mom with about 5 hours every week to train. Yah right, no chance. Vaylen asked us if we could help, being happy with the results of ‘Make the switch’. We suggested a series of mini fasts, which are 3 day programs with only 1 complete fasting day. She did The Two Oceans in 5hours 35minutes. Damn fine achievement with so little training.

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