In the zone

Not everyone knows what being ‘in the zone’ means. Put simply, it’s when a sportsman is performing their sport, it feels easy and they are doing it well. So if you’re a motocross rider, as Paul my business partner was, you hardly feel the bumps, big jumps seem small, you take corners like you’re on rails and you do it all faster than ever before…while it all feels quite easy.

It would be almost trance-like and you would almost certainly wish to do it like that every time. Unfortunately that’s not how it happens. Some people are never ‘in the zone’ and some are there most times. Those are likely to be sportsmen at the top of their game. At one stage Tiger Woods was probably ‘in the zone’ more than most, although he was also in many other places he shouldn’t have been but that’s a story for a different type of e-mail and website.

Paul reckons he has been ‘in the zone’ about 10 times while racing motocross. Once was at The British round of The Grand Prix World Motocross Championship. Over the 2 races that day he finished 2nd overall and was leading one of the two races. To quote: “I started well down the field in thick mud and mud was never my favourite. Somehow that day I found passing people quite easy and after 8 laps I was leading. I remember one moment in particular: I had just passed the leader ( keep in mind English fans had adopted Paul as their own as he raced out of England and this was basically his home track). Shortly after that, in mid air over a jump, the fans were cheering so loud I couldn’t hear my own bike…I had a chill. That was a moment I’ll never forget. That day I was in the zone and riding was fun”.

While Sportfasting may be great it can’t get you ‘in the zone’…the fat burning zone yes but not ‘in the zone’ described above. The fat burning zone is a great place to start though. You can improve endurance sports performance and lose weight and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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