Sitting at the airport waiting for my flight and I’m wondering how to train until next year. Paul and I have spent the past 10 days indulging more than normal. We don’t indulge much so almost any indulging for us is more than normal.

Let’s call the past 10 days in Gordons Bay a retreat. Paul ran a bit and I cycled a bit. Foreign disciplines for each of us, but good to do. We ran and cycled when we wanted, without any routine. Some days our training was short and some days we didn’t train at all.

You may think this seems a little odd, cut back the exercise and indulge at the same time. Surely that’s a recipe for losing your hard earned fitness and putting on some weight. It may feel that way but it’s also a recipe to refresh your body and your mind.

No-one can maintain Peak Fitness the whole year round. In fact,this isn’t the first time this year I’ve had a break but this one is definitely the biggest of the year. And I’m not going to feel guilty about it. It’s part of my program and as important as the hard training I do the rest of the year. After this I’ll be ready for what next year has to offer.

From the second week of January I’ll start preparing seriously for the Boston Marathon on 20 April 2015. But don’t get me wrong, I’m still training in December. It’s only that my training is quite relaxed and all of it base training. ie. really slow. The rest days gives my body time to recover and this will help it to respond better to the hard training to follow and reach a better Peak of fitness. It’s like the highest mountains having the biggest bases. The bigger the base the higher you can go.

You may train to maintain a healthy weight and aren’t interested in endurance sport. It still wouldn’t hurt you to relax a little in December too, then be really motivated again next year. Keep in mind this doesn’t mean you should go ballistic now, try keep things in check. By all means though, have that glass of wine or even that muffin and skip some training.

So maybe I’ll have another muffin before I board the plane, maybe I won’t. I’m not going to feel guilty about whatever I do though. And I’ll be ready for what’s coming next year.

Stay fit