Magic Food

Magic food

We all look for that magic snack or magic meal. The snack that’s sweet and creamy with low carbs and low fat, the meal that’s comforting, nutritious and delicious. And a sweet and care free health drink wouldn’t be bad either. We want it all in everything we eat or drink, health and endless amounts of flavour. In fact if the food and drink also removes the negatives from other bad food even better.

I’ll let you all in on something which you probably already know or at least suspect…it doesn’t exist. Yip, if you want to eat healthy there is no magic food or drink with everything you want. At some stage you’ll have to give up something, flavour or health. For sure you can make healthy flavourful meals, but you’re not going to match a rich pasta with loads of cheese or a steak loaded with bad fat for flavour.

I enjoy the vegetables and lean protein I eat and by now am quite used to this. I’m excited at meal time but for sure my luxury food is a rich meaty fatty pasta and pudding for dessert. Clearly this isn’t going to keep me healthy or help me achieve my fitness goals. So I’ve given up a bunch of flavour but I’m very happy with what I’ve gained.

You could argue that a juicy peach is as good as a chocolate, or grilled fish with black pepper and olive oil as good as a juicy hamburger with cheese and tomato sauce. But let’s face it when you think of being a little naughty you’re thinking of the chocolate and hamburger.

There are some healthy foods though that are so good you feel like you’re cheating. I’m not going to go through a long list of these now but I’ll say that my favourite is avocado. It originated in Mexico and obviously has spread to many places the world over. An avocado is rich in good fats and has nearly 20 vitamins and minerals. Would you believe an avocado has no glycemic index! That flavour along with those nutritious qualities is why it’s so high up on my awesome foods list.

And if you are a Sportfaster and your body is a fat burning machine you can use loads of that fat for energy. If you want to ‘Make the switch’ and start burning fat for energy reply to this e-mail and we’ll be in touch. If there is such a thing as ‘superfoods’ check out the link below to see this articles list of 8 superfoods and why they’re so good.


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