Sugar in winter

For May and a bit of June we were really lucky, but now we are now caught in the middle of a real winter. For most people cold means more time indoors, more time in front of the tv and more sugary snacks. I’ve talked about sugar being the enemy before but reckon pointing it out again won’t hurt anyone.
As a rough guide The American Heart Association says a man shouldn’t have more than 9 teaspoons of sugar per day and a woman 6. But what are the risks associated with too much sugar and how do we add sugar to our diet?

We all know that sugar adds weight to your body. So while it doesn’t come into your body as fat if it isn’t used in a hurry it will become fat. Without going into the science behind it too much sugar over a long period of time causes havoc with insulin levels. Simply put, insulin is the hormone released to regulate your blood sugar level. As a matter of interest your liver has the ability to convert fat into glucose although it’s not your bodies preferred way of getting glucose.

While there is no proof some studies suggest that high sugar intake and being overweight causes type 2 diabetes…probably something we’d all like to avoid. I reckon the risk of developing type 2 diabetes is enough to want to keep you sugar intake low. If not though, very high levels of insulin (which can be caused by high sugar intake) is also linked to some cancers and heart disease.

This is some very basic info simply to show what lots of sugar can do to you. We all know we shouldn’t have much but people still tend to overdo it and maybe it’s because they aren’t aware of what can happen.

If you need a sugar fix go for natural sugar. Fruit, vegetables and even the sugar naturally in milk or yoghurt. Natural sugar has nutritional benefit whereas added sugar (ie. Sugar we have made) has been stripped of it’s goodness and is calories without the health benefits. Natural sugar is generally also released into your body slower and there isn’t that same shock to your system as with added sugar. If you need something sweet rather go for some yoghurt with berries or even simply a piece of fruit. A ripe juicy peach or nectarine is hard to beat.

But even if you manage to avoid added sugar it’s not that unusual to pick up some weight during winter. You couldn’t go that far wrong with Sportfasting for some weight loss in a hurry, and endurance improvement if that’s what you want…in only 10 days. It’s so good it’s almost like cheating. If you buy because of this e-mail until 24 June we’ll give you 10% off the listed price.
Stay fit and healthy