Diet or Exercise

The popular argument is that diet is more important than exercise. This is probably because when your diet is bad it’s the easiest thing to change to lose weight or be healthier. If breakfast is Coco Pops, lunch is McDonalds with coke and supper is Pizza with coke then it’s easy to lose weight or be healthier. Cut out the pizza for grilled fish or grilled chicken for example and your already on the way to losing weight and being healthier.

So from this point of view diet is more important…because it’s easier to change. What if you’re already eating reasonably well? Then it’s tougher to lose weight or be healthier because you can’t improve diet as easily. Then you have to add exercise to lose weight and loads of people hate exercise, so anything is easier.

Simply put it’s easier to eat healthy than exercise which is why everyone talks about diet.

Why can’t you do both? Many people use the excuse of working long days and having a family. Look at the people you work with and chances are you’ll find someone who works as much as you with a family and still exercises. It takes a mindset change but once you’re in the habit it’s not so difficult.

In addition exercise isn’t only about losing eight. It has many benefits including strengthening your heart and muscles, lowering your cholesterol, improving muscle tone and strength and releasing endorphins which is a chemical that is almost like a happy drug. So a slender person who eats well but doesn’t exercise may appear as healthy on the outside as someone who also exercises but you can guess who the healthier probably is.

Really you should eat well and at do at least some exercise…and we probably all know that. Sportfasting can give you a jump start to losing weight and getting the benefits exercise gives. In 10 days you can take a huge leap that could otherwise take 2 months. We often find that it sets people on a healthier path so they keep exercising and eating well even after the program. Feel free to e-mail to ask any questions you want.

Stay fit and healthy