How to maintain your weight

We thought suggestions to drop some weight and/or keep weight down, even if you don’t have the time or motivation to take on a Sportfasting program at the moment could add value.

Let’s be totally frank, doing a 10 day Sportfasting program or even the 3 day ‘Mini Fast’ is not the easiest thing in the world to do. Of course the results are fantastic but sometimes we just cannot bring ourselves to commit to it.

If you are feeling a bit like this at the moment but still want to control your weight or maybe improve your fitness a little, here are some very helpful suggestions.

  1. Cut out all carbs from your evening meal. Stick to protein and vegetables. Plain yoghurt(unsweetened) for dessert.
  2. If you run/cycle or swim in the mornings, do this before having anything to eat. Training this way on an empty stomach will stimulate your fatty metabolism (if you are doing interval training then it is advisable to eat a bit before or during)
  3. Try having a coffee in the morning before you train (no sugar of course). This too will help stimulate metabolism.
  4. During your training runs/cycles swap energy drinks for plain water. Whilst the carbs in the usual energy drinks assist you during your session, it is unnecessary calories you are taking in (interval training is different though so on these occasions no problem).
  5. Once a week, skip one of your main meals (lunch / supper) but still do your training on that day.

These very basic things will make a marked difference to your weight and your body’s ability to metabolise fat.

Hope you find this helpful