Has winter affected your weight?

After winter people often weigh a little more and/or aren’t quite as fit as they were at the end of summer. We train less because of the cold and we tend to comfort eat more. So very often it’s a double barrelled problem.

Maybe you pick up 2kg over winter and even the summer training doesn’t get rid of it because exercise doesn’t always. This pattern repeats for a few years and without realising it you’re 10kg heavier than 5 years ago. So you may be fit and a little overweight at the same time. Being healthy is a combination of fitness and weight. The heavier we are the harder our bodies must work to pump blood and the more weight our bones and muscles have to carry, and so on.

So extra weight has a bigger impact than on only your appearance. And obviously 10kg is a lot tougher to lose than 2kg, especially when you’re older and not as motivated. Obviously the easiest solution is to eat less in winter to compensate for your reduced training. But this doesn’t always happen and getting back to your old self early in spring would be good.

Your body has likely developed an even bigger craving for sugar than before winter. More time indoors and more chocolate will do that. And it will probably be less efficient at burning fat for energy. This is part of the reason it’s difficult to lose weight after winter even when training normally again. Your body has become even more reliant on sugar and this is where your energy for training comes from.

You can train harder until the weight hopefully comes off or change your diet for an extended period of time. Or you could do a Sportfasting program and lose a bunch of weight in 10 days. As in our last e-mail ‘The long game’ some people carry on losing weight for quite some time after the program. They lose their craving for sugar and their body is better able to burn fat for energy.

The program is R3 395 and is 10 days long. It includes supplements including an amino blend that is like gold, a meal by meal plan and a training plan that Paul tailors for you. Plus we give you tips for weight maintenance after the program and we’re open to as many questions as you want before, during and after the program. If Sportfasting is good enough for elite cyclists then chances are it will help you.

Stay fit