The Long Game!

We have often touched on the concept of lifestyle changes being the only way to truly maintain your weight-loss and overall well being. There are no quick fixes! All realistic people know this and it is one of the reasons we are so confident in the concept of Sportfasting. It is one of the quickest fixes available in a world where real results take time.

The Sportfasting program is very tough and takes discipline to complete. But the 10 days is really a very short time within which a major long term change takes place in your body. Donovan Brink is a perfect example of this. 2 years ago Donovan decided he wanted to lose weight and try improve his cycling, specifically his 94.7 personal best time. He did the Sportfasting program and lost 4.5kg and achieved a sub 2hr45min time racing in the C bunch of the 94.7, a result he was pleased with.

The reason for this email is simply to show how Sportfasting is not only to lose weight and get fitter for a short period of time. Very often it is the catalyst for an improved way of life and overall improved feeling of well being. Yesterday I caught up with Donovan and he told me how doing the program all that time ago totally changed the way he viewed his diet and his lifestyle.

He loved the way it made him feel and it sparked a change in his general habits but he just had to emphasise to me how he still lives pretty much how he wants! He never foregoes a social event, he does not starve or deny himself any of his major pleasures including wine , pizza and Savanna dry (Savanna, really?). The big BUT is that he is aware of when to keep things in check, skip a meal here and there, cut out sugars and processed carbs and replace them with protein and veg.

He has done two Keep the Switch Mini fasts in the 2 year period which no doubt has helped him maintain this new level of fitness, weight and well-being.

He cycles and runs regularly as a hobby and makes sure that he has fun doing it, he does not make it a chore. What struck me most about the chat we had was his gratitude to Sportfasting for the way it changed his approach to his lifestyle. Another benefit for him has been a big decrease in his cholesterol levels and this was evident already 14 days after completing the program. Studies by Sportfasting Holland are planned to see if the program does in fact lower cholesterol. Hopefully one day we can state it as fact.

My conclusion is that while there are no quick fixes to maintaining a healthy life, Sportfasting has to be one of the quickest ways to achieve a great result as well as giving you the ‘tools’ to maintain this result.