No to diets!

Don’t diet. Sounds strange coming from us I’m sure. We may all have a different definition of diet but to me it means a temporary and short cut attempt to lose weight. The problem is that while the diet is temporary often the weight loss is too. You can’t diet forever and that’s one of the reasons the weight lost so often comes back.

If you want to lose weight make a change that you can keep up…a so called lifestyle change. I eat loads and am quite lean. My BMI, which shows if you’re under or overweight for your height is 20.55. That’s within normal range so I’m not considered skinny either. Click the BMI link at the end to work your BMI out. In fact family and friends are generally surprised at how much I eat and how lean I am. But it’s what I eat and the fact that I exercise as well.

We need good proteins such as eggs, red meats, white meats and nuts. There are others but these are among the best. Loading up on vegetables is good, try go for all the colours. Broccoli is packed with nutrients and is a good one to eat often. Fat is essential but good fat in foods like avocados, nuts, seeds and fish. Using good quality olive oil in salads is also a good source of fat. Coconut oil is probably one of the best forms of healthy fat.

The big one, carbs. Be careful what carbs you eat and how much. Eat less of the processed grains such as white rice, bread and pasta. These do not have great nutritional value so you’re adding carbs without all the good stuff. Click the link at the end of this e-mail to learn more about processed grains. And avoid the devil: Sugar! Nothing spikes insulin levels like sugar and this ultimately means gaining fat. No good for health and no good for endurance sport.

More than anything else people battle to stop eating sugar and sugary foods. Why? Sugar is in so many foods it’s scary. About 2 weeks ago I learned that sugar is even included in some fish pastes…crazy. This means that most peoples’ bodies depend on sugar for energy more than they should so it’s become almost essential. It’s not only that you want and like the sweetness in a piece of cake. Your body’s cravings convince you that you ‘need’ it!

So if you could actually change your body’s craving for sugar that would be a big part of a lifestyle change. It’s easy to avoid sugar when you don’t need or want it. For a start don’t keep sugary foods at home. You’ll find that if they aren’t there you miss them less.

This is also where Sportfasting is so good. To start with, you can lose much as 5kg in 10 days, depending on your weight to start, and improve your endurance. But what it also does is switch your body to using more fat and less sugar for energy. So afterwards you won’t feel the same craving for sugar as you did before the program. That’s why we consider Sportfasting a lifestyle change, not a diet. Then you’ll find it a lot easier to avoid sugar and probably will think about it way less.

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