What does it do?

‘Sportfasting’ should enable your body to switch from using sugar for energy to using fat. Your sugar stores are relatively small, but as your body can now burn fat which is a richer source of energy your endurance will improve…you’ll be able to cycle, run, or whatever you do for longer at the same speed, or the same distance faster. Basically your body can produce more energy without the tank going empty. A further benefit is that recovery after exercise (and injury) is improved, probably due to the increase in mitochondria in the muscles.

Losing weight is actually a side effect, but a great one, and your body should easily be able to maintain a good weight if you stick to a ‘healthy diet’ after completing the programme. It should be easier to maintain this ‘healthy diet’ after ‘Sportfasting’ because your body should no longer need sugar and you shouldn’t have sugar cravings.

During The ‘Sportfasting’ programme a specific combination of diet, supplementation and exercise will help you make the switch, the supplements will help make the switch easier and more effective. A Sportfasting coach will put the programme together for you so that it’s within your limits and works for you. Doing it this way helps make sure it’s carried out properly and achieves the best possible results. But ‘Sportfasting’ isn’t for everyone. You need to be in decent condition before the programme, but don’t worry, if you aren’t contact us and we’ll help get you to a level where you are ready for ‘Sportfasting’. If you are sick or taking medication, or if you aren’t prepared to follow some simple guidelines after to ‘Keep the switch’ maybe Sportfasting isn’t for you.. Please click the ‘Suitability’ link above and take the test to see if you are ready for it.

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