And still we progress!

Yesterday, 60 years ago on 7 August 1954 Roger Bannister and John Landy had a titanic tussle on the final day of the British Empire and Commonwealth Games in Vancouver, Canada, in a running race that became known as ‘Miracle Mile’. For those who don’t recognise the name Roger Bannister he is the first person to break the 4 minute mile, which he did a few months earlier on 6 May. But on the 7 August race both men broke 4 minutes. Breaking 4 minutes now while very good definitely doesn’t put you anywhere near elite level, in fact you’d be little more than an also ran.

Also on the final day of The Commonwealth Games in 1954 was the marathon which finished about 20 minutes after the ‘Miracle Mile’. Englishman Jim Peters entered the stadium about 17 minutes ahead of the second placed man, a certain winner. Except he stumbled and swerved around the track and eventually managed to collapse over the line…the wrong one. He had reached the same finish line as for the mile race, but the finish line for the marathon was about 200 metres further. He never finished and that was the last race he ever ran.

How could something like that happen? For a start in those days there was a rule that no water was allowed in the first 10km. Jim Peters took that a step further and didn’t believe in drinking water at all, in fact he only took salt tablets. The only surprising thing is that this didn’t happen to him before it did. He definitely wasn’t a novice. He broke the marathon world record four times in the 1950’s and was the first person to break 2hours 20mins, an achievement considered equal to breaking the four minute mile. He himself has said he was lucky he didn’t die that day, I say he’s lucky he didn’t die earlier in his career.

Today we know that it’s crucial to drink liquid for endurance events, especially something as tough as a marathon. As time goes by we learn and make advances and are surprised at how those before us did things. Perhaps one day we’ll be surprised that people weren’t as concerned with burning fat for energy as we are. It’s awesome for endurance sport as fat is a much richer source of energy than carbs and it’s obviously great for weight loss because how better to lose weight than have your body better able to use it. Basically we think we’re a step ahead of the rest as our whole reason for being is to switch your body to using your fat…and to “Make the switch’ in only 10 days.

Stay fit

Go ‘Mini’ Fast…and Vaylen

A full time working girl and mother, with about 4 – 5 hours per week available to train, taking on the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon is not a realistic goal is it?

Well for three months preceding the event having her longest training run at 15km other than one Half marathon ( Dischem 21 ) and one full marathon (the Pick&Pay to qualify for Two Oceans) this is a goal that Vaylen Kirtley set herself.

With an amazing amount of inner strength and determination, as well as a couple of well timed Sportfasting ‘Mini’ Fasts she completed the Two Oceans in 5hrs 35min.

Well done Vaylen, an amazing achievement!

We noticed that people battle to fit in the full 10 days that our ‘Make the switch’ takes, Which Vaylen did last year. Clearly Two Oceans would be a challenge under normal circumstances, but being a single mother with a full time job even more challenging. And no time to fit in the 10 day ‘Make the Switch’ program.

We suggested Vaylen try ‘Mini’ Fasts which cater to this. It would help boost her endurance and ability to burn fat. It would also help with the limited training she was able to do, in a way cheat training or a training hack. A ‘Mini’ Fast is 3 days long with only 1 complete fasting day. The benefits are similar to the full program, but not quite the same shot in the arm…and not as tough to fit into your schedule. At R780 it’s also easier on the pocket than ‘Make the switch’ at R2 795.

Again, congratulations Vaylen. Hard work, determination, focus…and we think some credit to the ‘Mini’ Fast!

How to eat after ‘Make the switch’

So we’ve been asked the question how should you eat after Sportfasting’s ‘Make the switch’. I think some people are worried they’ll go back to the way they were shortly after the program unless they follow some strict diet. It would be quite a thing if you had to keep the same diet from the 10 day program for the rest of your life in order to keep the benefits it helped give you. Luckily that’s not the case because while the weight loss and endurance benefits are great eating like you did in the program for the rest of your life is not too exciting.

There are a few basics you can follow so that the weight stays off and you stay an endurance god. A few examples are:

  • Limit sugary foods and pasta.
  • Best not to eat fruit at night.
  • Skip one lunch or supper a week.
  • If you want to snack eat nuts instead of chocolate.
  • Read food ingredients. I have seen fat free hot chocolate. What I can tell you is that it’s loaded with calories and sugar and has a high glycemic index. The sugar which will probably end up as fat anyway because you won’t use all of it.
  • This isn’t to say you can’t eat anything you did before, but moderate the obvious bad things like cake and chocolates. The good thing is that after the program your body hopefully won’t crave sugar as much and it will be easier to avoid these things.

We’ll send tips to anyone who does Sportfasting ‘Make the switch’ but follow these and you’re about there anyway.

Simply put Sportfasting will help you lose a pile of weight or greatly improve endurance in 10 days. Once you’re done with the program you don’t need to live like a monk, differently, but not like a monk. What’s more you are welcome to ask us questions whenever you want, we want it to work for you.

On December 12 last year we sent you a link about ‘Team Belkin’ professional and Tour de France cycling team are using Sportfasting, click ‘Team Belkin using Sportfasting’ if you’d like to read it again or haven’t read it. It’s in Dutch so probably best to open with Google Chrome which will translate if for you. Last month Theo Bos of Team Belkin won a stage at ‘Tour de Lankawi’, click ‘victory’ to read about it. We don’t know, but we’ll say it’s because of Sportfasting.

Stay fit

Change is difficult

Making a change is never easy. We all know the saying ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’, but it’s difficult for most people to make any big change. I’m in the process of changing my car, but that’s because 2 weeks ago an armed gentleman decided it seemed wise for him to take ownership. Definitely not happy about that change, but it would be great if we could change some things in our lives as quickly as that. Like flipping a light switch or ripping off a plaster, just get it done.

A big change for most people would be their food habits. And it needs to be a change and not a diet. A diet implies something short lived to lose weight and that isn’t really good enough. Eating healthy needs to be a lifestyle, not a short lived diet. Without going into detail on what you should eat, and there’s a ton of opinion on this, we all know a few basics: avoid soft drinks, crisps and chocolate (what I consider rubbish). Maybe a start is not to stock your cupboard with rubbish. You mostly crave these things and your mouth waters when you know they are there. If chocolate isn’t an option it is easy to deal with not eating it. Pretty soon you won’t be concerned with not having a snack cupboard.

We have pointed out many times that sugar is one of the major enemies to keeping a healthy weight, being healthy in general and it’s not really great for endurance sports performance either. For an interesting (and quite long) article about sugar click ‘Sugar Shock’.

We have a new testimonial on our website. Check out how well Sportfasting ‘Make the switch’ worked for Donovan Brink by clicking ‘Donovan’s Testimonial’. It includes pictures of before and after.

Stay fit and healthy

Can ‘Make the Switch’ improve cholesterol?

Every now and then we like to show you what ‘Sportfasting Make the switch’ can do, like a BIG UP for ourselves. Donovan Brink recently did the program and results were great. He’s a recreational cyclist and last year did the 94.7 cycle race in 2hrs 44mins, putting him in the top 5% in the race. His training hadn’t been great this year, too much indulging and lazing about (sorry Donovan, it’s true) and he decided to do Sportfasting’s ‘Make the switch’ program in the hope it could make up a little for the bad training.

He started at 83kg and ended at 78.6kg, and importantly his heart rate improved. He immediately found he could go as fast as before with a lower heart rate. The problem was that he had just under two weeks to recover for the 94.7 which is not ideal. While ‘Make the switch’ can do wonders for your performance you do need 2 weeks or more recovery. This year he completed the 94.7 in 2hrs 47mins, with way less training and…. last year he had a sub 2hrs 30min rider friend who did the race solely for Donovan to slipstream him, and this year he didn’t. That means he was better this year, he did it on less training and on his own. Roll on next year Donovan, if you train properly and ‘Keep the switch’ you can break 2hrs 40mins.

We don’t think this was his most impressive benefit though. Before the program his cholesterol was 5.5 which is considered above an acceptable limit. Afterwards it was 4, well within an acceptable limit. His bad cholesterol went from 3.4 to 2.3, also a huge improvement. Now this isn’t exactly a scientific study (which incidentally may be done in the future) and we can’t say it was because of the program, but we reckon it’s a good bet the program helped. I reckon these improvements trump any sports benefits, but surely those are good too.

So it’s nearly that time of the year when we give up the healthy eating habits we have, or indulge even more than usual. No point explaining how you should moderate yourself, and to guard against too much of this and too little of that…we all know. The fact is we are going to eat this way, and we’ll do it again next year.

Two tips though, if nothing else do short bursts of high intensity training to burn maximum calories and eat avocado. It seems odd to mention avocado here, but with all the other indulging avocado is so easy to prepare and as tasty as anything else you’ll eat. It’s a ready to eat nutrionally power packed fruit that needs almost no preparation. When you’re in relax mode that’s great. Click ‘Avocado’ to read an interesting article I found on-line. An interesting fact about an avocado…it has a zero GI!

So for the holidays try stay at least a little in shape…or otherwise don’t and do Sportfasting’s ‘Make the switch’ program next year.

Distance 4 Difference

Paul Cooper of the SA Sportfasting team rode the ‘Distance 4 Difference 500km’ charity ride this past weekend. If he wasn’t already happy to have done Sportfastings ‘Make the switch’ program then he definitely is now. “It helped me dig into my fat reserves and no doubt this was a huge help, it’s difficult to ride that long with carbs and sugar fuelling you.”

Sportfasting’s main goal is to enable your body to burn fat instead of sugar for energy. Fat is a much richer source of energy/calories and in fact per gram provides almost 4 times as much energy as sugar and twice as much as carbohydrates . Considering this and that our bodies have an endless supply of fat for almost any race we would attempt, it seems wise to burn fat if possible. Even the skinniest person has more than enough fat to fuel themselves for two back to back marathons.

I read an interesting article about counting calories recently and thought you may enjoy it. Click ‘Calorie Counting’ to go to the article.

Recently we received stock of ‘Keep the switch’. This is a 3 day mini fast which helps do what the name says. It goes for R780, but for the rest of 2013 if you recommend Sportfasting to anyone and it results in a sale of ‘Make the switch’, we’ll give you ‘Keep the switch’ for R585.

Vaylen Kirtley, an SABC sports presenter, is in her fourth day of Sportfasting ‘Make the switch’. You can follow her on Twitter at @VaylenKirtley

Stay fit and healthy

Some tough guys use Sportfasting

Sunday the 25th August was the Oeztal Marathon Cycle in Austria. Stephan Nuesser (Sportfasting team) completed the 240km ride in 11hrs 58min. It is an incredible ride with three Category 1 climbs which total 5 400m of vertical ascent for the whole ride. Conditions were very tough with a lot of rain and the tops of the climbs were snow-covered. It is a great achievement for Stephan whilst more than 1 000 entrants failed to finish!
This weekend is the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (click this ‘Link’ to check it out) where Philip van der Merwe is competing. It is a 168km run with 9 600m vertical ascent! Philip recently did the Sportfasting program, he managed to get his weight down by 4kg and says he feels good in the run up to this event. Wishing him all the very best.
In the next three weeks we will be receiving ‘Keep the Switch’ mini packs which are 75g packs of the Sportfasting amino blend. This is for the 3 day ‘Mini fast’ which is the perfect way to awaken your fat-burning metabolism again and maintain your form. Details and prices to follow on our website but feel free to contact us with any queries.
Paul (Sportfasting SA)

Trying to help

Sportfasting-SA has just been presented with an opportunity to combine it’s passion for sport/health with a Great cause! A few very crazy mates have decided to ride 500km in 24hrs in aid of raising money for Patch Helderberg. Patch Helderberg deals with 50-80 cases of child abuse every month in this area and provide social work support, child care, medical attention, legal protection, defence and clothing. They also work actively to raise awareness. It’s a great cause. Click the link ‘500km Charity Cycle’ to see what it’s all about.

We are trying to get as many people to sign up and cycle with us (you can choose your distance, it does not have to be 500km!!) as possible. We’ll pay the R500 entry for the ‘500km Charity Cycle’ for anyone who buys our ‘Sportfasting Make The Switch Program’ at it’s regular price of R2795…and we’ll donate another R200 for each pack sold.

If you are not that keen on cycling or are not based in South Africa please just help us raise the target amount of R500k with a donation. You can do this by finding Paul Cooper as a registered rider by clicking the link ‘500km Charity Sponsor’ . Or you can donate something other than money by clicking this same link.

Thank you!