Can I lose the weight without exercising?
Yes but it will not be long-term. This program is designed around the body’s ability to change it’s metabolism when forced to exercise with limited calories and supplemented correctly.

How much excercise is needed to lose weight?
30 minutes per day.

Can I increase the amount of weight-loss with more than the recommended activity?
No, it is not advisable to do more than recommended training time. 

Will the loss be sustainable once I start eating normally?
Yes it will be if you follow some basic advice given with the program.

Is it a diet tool?
No, it is a method to safely lose weight, improve your entire well-being and make you fitter.

Will I experience any pain other than hunger pain?
No pain will be experienced, but some people have experienced headaches. Aspirin is advised during this time if you suffer with headaches.

Is Sportfasting healthy?
Sportfasting combines exercise with very healthy food and nutritional supplements that have been specially developed, allowing the body to receive all the necessary nutrients during the 10 day program. Moreover, you will be guided by a coach. After the program the body will be in fat burning mode and a lot of abdominal fat (visceral fat) is burned, which has a positive effect on health.

What is the difference between Sportfasting and a crash diet?
The principle of a crash diet is based on the drastic lowering of calories over a longer period of time. But it does not improve the condition and slows down the metabolism, so you still crave sugars and will soon return to eating as you would normally. Sportfasting is a training method in which a temporary calorie restriction along with specific training ensures structural changes in the body (the metabolic switch from sugar to fat burning). After the 10 days, the number of calories are brought back to the correct level and the metabolism will now make much more use of stored-fat as an energy source.

For whom is Sportfasting suitable?
Anyone who is physically and mentally healthy and fit can do Sportfasting. However, your physical condition should be at a level that you can cycle or run for 25 minutes. If you you’ll struggle to do 20-30mins of exercise you can prepare first, perhaps using a coach. Do the suitability test on our website for more information.

What should you not do during the program?
During the course you may not deviate from the standardized protocol. Alcohol is like simple sugars and is out of the question. You should follow the training advice of your coach and exercise no longer than 30 minutes intensive.

How often can you repeat the program?
It is advisable to not do the Sportfasting more than 4 times in a year. You can also do mini-fasts (1 or 3 days) to strengthen the switch. You can discuss this further with your Sportfasting coach.

What do you do after the program?
To maintain the switch you should continue exercising and stick to some diet adjustments, including the restriction of carbohydrates. Because your body has switched to burning more fat it will ask for less sugar, making the dietary adjustments easier. You can also do mini-fasts or repeat the entire program.

Can I do the Sportfasting and take other supplementation?
Sportfasting was developed after years of research, in particular to support the body during the fasting process. It is a safe and unique formula derived in relation to the supplements provided. The supplementation of an amino acid complex or individual amino acids do not have this effect and can entail risks. You should therefore only use the supplements provided with the Sportfasting pack.

Am I allowed to drink tea or coffee during the program?
You may drink as much tea and coffee as you want, but absolutely must not put any sugar in them. Sugar is like the devil during this program.


Does it weaken your immune system in the short term i.e. during and immediately after doing it, are you more likely to fall ill (e.g. cold or flu) and possibly more severely than what you normally do? Can one continue to take multivitamins during the program to try and combat this risk?
No,it does not weaken your immune system, it actually improves your immune system. No vitamins or supplements OTHER THAN WHAT IS SUPPLIED are to be taken. The supplements supplied have been carefully chosen and designed to make sure you will lack nothing during the program.


Given that it’s a fairly extreme program with rapid weight loss, does the increased endurance take some time to take effect? How long do you need to “recover” before doing proper hard training and feeling the endurance benefit?
The endurance benefit is IMMEDIATE. This has been proven with lactate threshold tests on subjects. You will need approximately two weeks to recover before doing hard and/or long training.


Given that it’s a fairly extreme program with rapid weight loss, does the increase in endurance come at the cost of losing some power?
For the week or two after the program your maximum output might be affected but once recovered your max output will be better than before the program.


Most rapid weight loss programs have a rapid reversal effect after the diet is completed, where the body, which is now in “survival mode”, hangs on to every calorie it can get hold of after the diet is complete.. resulting in rapid weight gain which is quite resilient to the next diet. How does Sportfasting differ?
Sportfasting is completely different to this as it is designed to ‘switch’ the body’s metabolism to become much more efficient at burning fats for energy. There is no other ‘diet’ that does this, or even says it does. Weight loss from Sportfasting stays off.


Is there any way you can quantify the extent of the increase in endurance or athletic performance, such as in %age terms? Even if anecdotal, based on estimates from the subjects
Yes the lactate tests of 15 subjects shows an average increase in lactate efficiency of 15% and average weight loss of 4kg.