Dutch Clients

Name: Sjoerd

After reading about it on the internet and hearing stories on the bicycle I decided to call Bas and give Sportfasting a go.
Probably not the best reason, but could not lose weight on their own discipline while I do a lot of sports. The additional benefits such as improved fitness talked me absolutely.
The spa itself was super. Bas is an excellent coach who promises after coming. He’ll call you every day during the course, and with his inexhaustible energy he knows to give you a good feeling! The spa was fine; finally went my switch all 1 day earlier than expected and the treatment lasted only nine days. After three days to live, to sap your hard bites were again a feast! Results: After 10 days: + / – 5 kilograms off now after 2 months + / – 10kg off. The feeding schedule and tips that Bass gave me at the end works great. My condition: it has at least remained the same, however, the flu outbreak has also seen me + so it remains to be seen how much better it is. Final conclusion: The Sportfasting works super, with the right effort to get there through good, and you feel absolutely comfortable in your skin afterwards!
Name: Ed Claassens                                                                                     Job:Team Leader Sport

I have followed the Sportfasting in the past carnival holiday. The aim was to improve the performance and expensive to get. Physical just a little better shape After an extensive and good explanation of Bas started. I myself was very curious how it fared as me. The different reviews showed various experiences. Looking back I can only say that I have completed the course more than fine. On 3rd afbouwdag already switched and though building. Again after 2 days of fasting Sports also went well, even had the idea of doing too little. Gotta say I was the whole week off and only occasionally could show up in carnival activities. I felt that week a little athlete. Focus on food, exercise and rest. Nothing wrong with that. Bass also nice that even phoned every day. Also heard in the day ritual.
Eventually very satisfied with the result. 4kg less, waist size 2cm and most importantly the duration improved performance. Improved last Sunday at the Venloop my 10 year old PR in the half marathon. Topgevoel. Now the bike and start preparing for the transalpine September. Sorry
I got my diet changed something with cottage cheese / fruit in the morning and a delicious salad at lunch. Furthermore, just eat potluck,. Weight remains stable, there will actually turn 1kg but this does not, pants pockets me the ass. Healthier eating all’m in my lifestyle and also now in the lifestyle of the family. Many sports was already in my life rhythm.
summary: very satisfied Sportfasting and guidance of Bas. Could the cure only recommend and will definitely do a (mini) cycle again.
Name: Peter van der Citadel                                                                          Job: Commercial Manager

After reading an article in a cycling magazine was my interest in “sport fasting”. If reasonable fanatical cyclist and mountain biker, I still always had problems with my weight. The many cycling resulted in no reduction of my weight and my blood pressure. So contacted Bas, he managed to convince them that this course was perfect for me me. After the interview and fitness test belsoten to start Sportfasting four days later. It worked out well, it was the week of carnival, and decided to take no additional efforts, leave the entire week something Bas also aanbeveelde.
Yet there is doubt just before the start, because three days on 3 “juices “every days life was not a pleasant prospect. But the opposite was the case.During the course total no known problems, during the 3rd afbouwdag not. During the three days of fasting no hunger had, with the obligatory sports went well me and constantly the targets could meet.
On the 2nd day of fasting, there was the “switch” all of which resulted I the 3rd vastendag’s-afternoon already eating up could take what was planned on the 1st opbouwdag.In me my immediate surroundings were sometimes questioned put in what I was doing and whether it was wise.
Well, I can tell you that it has not been. definitely worth
my weight in the treatment with 5 kg and reduced my waist size is 5 cm diminished. Meanwhile my weight further reduced two weeks after the treatment with 1.5 kg, I feel fitter and have more energy. Need a cookie with coffee or a snack in the evening is gone. And ….. after more than 20 years have swallowed medications for my high blood pressure, which is now reduced, will be tried in April or drugs can be reduced.
Finally, I am pleased to have started this treatment, and the possible result achieved.
Bas without your support and guidance this certainly was not successful.
Thanks, it was SUPER!
Name: Twanny Schueler                                                                                      Job: Teacher

Here my experience with Sportfasting. My husband Ben has done this course in the summer and saw great results and thought seems to me something for me. Especially considering the long-term effect.
before the test I was quite nervous, I had no idea how it was with my condition. I have 1 x sports in the week, but that is not everything. The test was not bad but also not optimal. Also, my blood pressure was a little elevated. After a longer lead late December started with the cure.
afbouwdag The first went very well, but the second day I had a terrible headache and was not feeling well. The “infamous” 3rd afbouwdag I whistling through. And my first day of fasting was December 31!! Many people had respect for (also Bass) and some did not find me wise. I myself have no qualms had not even when everyone was great at the gourmet. I stand before the class and can not simply take a few days off. So then but in the holidays.
The second and third day of fasting were okay, the juices and the switch was fine to do, but I was really hungry. My stomach really wanted to fill and happy if I start earlier with build up, because I was well switched. And that first salad ….. DELICIOUS!
The bike was doing well and noticed that it was getting better. On fast days less, but that’s logical and during and after the construction days I was becoming more like a spear. I noticed that I did use. Much less (and sometimes almost none) suffered from exercise-induced asthma and less Ventolin And that was super Bass again, because asthma are inflammation and have the switch you less problems.
Altogether I made ​​a very good course and am very happy and proud of myself.
In total I lost 4 kg and 6 cm. Still maintain and lose more with healthy eating and 2-3 times a week cycling.
Bas; SUPER THANKS! You’re a good coach!
Name: Veronique Delnoye

As promised my early experience with the course (Wednesday was my last day). I’m the cure started for several reasons: wanted to get more energy, lose some weight but most important was to get (150/110) my blood pressure down. When I arrived two months ago for the intake at Bass, this was reason for Bas to say that it was not wise to start. The cure He suggested a “Sportfasting XL” for, which meant so much as bring the body to rest two months. Last week so started the cycle, after the approval of my doctor. My blood pressure was something in those two months dropped to 146/90. And so now just done the treatment. This was my post yesterday Bass:
Bass Ha,
I certainly do not remember you this good news: I was just at my doctor to another to measure my blood pressure in check. This was now: 124/80!!(2 weeks ago 146/90).
The doctor was dumb beaten … “what was that again done to cure you have?”.
Nice huh! I’m really happy and this is all the more motivation to hold it. Lifestyle
Special thanks for your great support so far. Your personal and genuine interest I appreciate very much.
We see each other soon for discussion, until then.
Sincerely, Veronique
For me personally, so a great success, but I am very aware of the fact that it really begins. Now stick with mindful eating and workout!
Name: Jolanda Bijsterveld 

Hi Bas. After the experience of seeing my husband I thought I’m going to do just that I had other objectives. For me it was a question that my hormone household was out of order, resulting in high peaks and deep valleys from one moment to the next change of mood. After the intake at Bass appeared likely to me to be no golden mountain but a hill. According to Bas my thyroid is not working properly and I live on a pilot flame with a body temperature of between 34.5 / 35.7. So that was a shock nonetheless I went wrong with fresh have against it. I could not stand the treatment of metabolic and against bottle, Huub there was tingling in his head. I have fortunately had no problems, I had only the first day of fasting morning tremors legs but after my juice and BOTTLE everything went better. I’m even a day earlier may begin building my weight was now 3 pounds less and scale 2 cm less so despite the pilot flame I went like a rocket. (Thankfully). My temperature went to 36.3 and I felt my own good exercise went without problems. Now one month later, I feel super good have no problems with my calves during a hike and the fluctuations are also a lot less. The food is good to keep full exercise is more difficult. Bas you are a super coach thank you!


Name: Willem van den Laar Bunge
Company Name: Knegt & van den Laar Bunge
Job: Physiotherapy and Manual Therapist

After having followed some patients from my practice the sport fasting at Bas was time to do a little “tighter in the paint” to sit. I’m a fairly experienced athlete who plays tennis every week and 1 to 2 times a week is hard without specific purpose. In the past about 10 half marathons (PR 1:38) and 1 whole (NYC 2007 4:09) but by small injuries and little time the last 3 years not. Before the start of the course I weighed 98.5 kg with a length of 1.90 m and conditional I had done the last 6 weeks little, so it’s time for action!! Spa planned just before and during the autumn, so I had some space to work and rest. During afbouwdag 1 and 2 just worked but took the time to train for breakfast and pause to plan for lunch. These days were fine to do, 1st day a headache but no further details. Afbouwdag 3 for the first time in search of the ketones in the urine and yes all pretty purple (between 2 and 3) This was the first full sapdag and I actually found it quite good to do. The supplements in combination with the methacholine bolic switch did their work well and I have had no appetite. The training went well and I had a lot of power in my legs. Fast 1 gave an entirely purple strip, I had already made the switch so, this course provides a huge incentive adrenaline! In the afternoon with my bottle of methanol bolic switch 4 hours looking at the Marathon Eindhoven, between all drinking beer and eating fries townspeople. Even this did me very well off, so far so good. 2 had to work fast again, pass up to too much muscle damage training and consulting Bas (I had already been geswitchd). This day can keep 450 ml juice, incredible! Good full Fast day 3 was up day 1 because the result was already achieved and there was already 6 kg from. These days a peaceful recovery training done on HF 120 and then again for the first time in three days solid food. Never enjoyed as a kiwi and an apple. During the further development days on the advice of Bass at every meal 150ml extra juice to get for further recovery. What little sugar within The strips were some purple and ketones were out of my body. Can work with it quickly soured feeling in my legs, HF adjusted to max 150. Days last building good 1st week after the course felt very good, was again a question of finding the right eating regime. I chose to keep me having breakfast with cottage cheese, fruit and nuts in the afternoon to eat. Well-stocked salad In the evening we just eat the same as before, I’m just trying to be something with potatoes, pasta and rice. Economical Now, more than two weeks after the treatment is the balance and I notice that I have made. Considerable step during running sessions The weight is still -5.5 kg and my waist size is 6 cm decreased. The biggest difference is that I now eat three times a day and that the need for snacking is gone completely. I feel energized and sleep well. The guidance of Bas was and is very enthusiastic, he has the ability to predict how the treatment will go smoothly and told very inspiring. Well in advance I am very pleased with the results and expects to continue this line well. Greeting Willem van den Bunge Laar be continued ….


Name: Huub Bijsterveld

What is true? after hearing many stories, I heard another story, the story of Bas. He told what and for whom it is intended Sportfasting. It seemed as if he was telling my story about the famine hit, loss of concentration and fatigue after eating. I almost immediately pledging to take. Part of the cure I myself have a labor intensive job as a gardener, where Bass had some difficulty, concerning the physical strain geduurende the cure, but I have a few small changes very little nuisance of encountered. The positive energy of Bas has been a big help, and the “magic bottle” is a super agent during the difficult days. The energy during the cure has been incredible, but now 14 days after the course I’m on a level I think 10 years ago, when I thought a lot to handle the world. And I think it’s getting better as I am used to all the diet. The working hours late in the evening and talks with customers walk very concentrated, and the concentration is superb. I have not done the cure to lose weight, but my stomach is tighter. (Still a bonus). Bas the spa is superb and the guidance is TOP. Now we just have to stand alone. In the holidays your phone
Name: Judith Hendrikx

Hi Bas, yet always busy? It has now been almost 3 months since I started. Sportfasting I thought I send you as an update how it goes with me. since the Sportfasting I have no problems with my surfacing in my had calves. now I walk a lot faster with a lower heart rate. Sunday had the first test, the 10 miles of Tilburg run. Last year I walked 1:33 and 1:17 this year!! The food is fine, sin I do of course also (chocolate 86%, Pure M & M’s and the occasional drink), I am now even lighter than after Sportfasting (around 53kg, I weighed 20 years ago when I was the CIOS graduated!). In October I go along the marathon relay with ao Sabine walk. Our women’s team even has a chance to be 1. In November, the ½ marathon scheduled Valkenswaard (target to run 1:42 to 1:45). Greetings and thanks again for everything! Judith.
Name: Ben Schueler
Company Name: ASML
Job: Senior System Designer

After not having exercised in conjunction with an office job a few years began the pounds pretty to walk on. At my height of 1.80m and a weight of 90 kilograms began I still worry. Having first tried to have cardio and even talked to a dietician seemed not the solution for me. Through my neighbor I came into contact with Bas de Louw. The story behind Sportfasting really appealed to me and gives me besides weight loss and good reason to work out again and adjust. My diet
the first few days of treatment went well. I live in the countryside with many beautiful cycling routes. After work, I first jumped on my bike to train. Half an hour
, the fasts, I began to notice all clear and my body changes. I slept much better because I was less need for sugar, I felt awfully fit and still have enough energy to a variety of activities (if they were not too intense).
After the fasts is my weight by 6 pounds decreased and my waist circumference with 9 centimeters. The building days I just take it easy to do given the temperatures above 30 degrees that week were true it. Bass is fine here through guided me through my diet to fit my sports. Anything
The most positive of the whole story is that coaching and positive image of Bas yourself is encouraged to be huge to correct the daily one-on-one to work and also agreed to continue after the treatment.
I have more energy, less hungry than before and now sleep through the night. I have the maximum in the 10 days taken out and that will be even more in the coming months. I will continue to exercise what my body remains incentives to burn fat! Bas, thanks for coaching, assistance and pleasant conversations. everyone I can (if physically possible and physically), recommend the Sportfasting!
Name: Lutgart of Kollenburg

My first experience with Sportfasting
I am as a runner (medium to long distances) subscribed to the ‘Runnersworld’ magazine. In the September edition of the 2011 article “The double blow”. Was This article was about sport fasting and its effect on endurance athletes. I thought it was an interesting article certainly with the idea in mind that I was going to run my first marathon in October 2012. I had already seen this training and after reading this article I thought ‘I must remember this. ” Unfortunately I got the end of October 2011 in the first instance complaints to my right achilles tendon in February 2012 I suddenly got serious complaints on my right thigh, which ultimately caused by wear on the intervertebral disc between L5 and S1 vertebrae. A year earlier a large hernia established in these vertebrae. The first months of 2012, I am very depressed because I can not surrender to my running passion. All walk which I had registered I had to cancel. At one point I come on Facebook someone who at that time just doing a 10-day Sportfasting. She is very enthusiastic and I decide to do even contact a coach contact. Now it turns out to attend the Louw as Sportfasting coach in the neighborhood next to ours Bas and I contact him. I quickly got a first appointment and he puts me in great principle of Sportfasting out. Anyway, I can not walk, fortunately still cross train on my own perfect cross trainer in the attic. Since I still have to go running, I decide at some point to Sportfasting go do hope. I can afterwards always do a mini course, but if my body makes the famous “switch” but, I’m already a long way. Another motive is that I need motivation again. As I sat in the pit was my age and diet will begin to suffer and that I wanted to give a boost again. A healthy mind in a healthy body is my motto. I decide from 29 May to 7 June, the sport fasting do. The three solid days I do not work. It turns out a good decision. On May 25, I have the intake and super motivated I’m going home. May 26, I have one last culinary evening.
The Sport fasting Method 
Discontinuing days: These days are best to do well. Only on the 3rd day I felt limply in the morning, but otherwise I had during these days enough energy to do. Intensive cross training since I was working the first 3 days of treatment I had evening careful in preparing the lunch and breakfast (I just arrived at work useful). The supplements were neatly done in jars with colored lids. Pink for at breakfast and orange for at lunch. Also the switch powder should not be forgotten. I must also mention that this powder tastes not dirty, as some claim. Daily contact with Bas is very nice. The only thing I miss in terms of food is bread for breakfast. I am also a real bread eater. I noticed during these days, but also in building days, you eat much more aware. Every bite was deliberately taken and I really took the time for meals. I always did, but now even more. On fast day 3 I did the first urine test (3 hours of cross training) and the switch appeared to have begun already. Sleeping is difficult. Often I only fell asleep towards morning.
 Fasting days: During the fasting days I do not work and that’s a good thing. Since your body with little food to do, or not really a food, you need economical use of energy. The cross training during these days is fine although the legs do start to feel heavier and the heart rate goes up faster. Bass recommends working. At a lower heart rate during these days the switch puts all the way through. The urine turns dark purple strip. It is advisable to stay quiet during these days. For me that was the morning of the 2nd day of fasting almost wrong. I was quickly up and had to lie in order not to faint. Soon after showering also involves weight during these days quickly down.
The building days: Glad to be back to eat solid food although the first breakfast (2 pieces of fruit) there very difficult to go. Has to do with nerves for my appointment with the neurosurgeon who hopefully running perspective can offer through a hernia surgery me. That turns out not to be so even though I get a referral to a neurosurgeon at another hospital. The morning of the first set-up my weight is at its lowest. I have 9 ounces underweight. I notice during the construction days, however, that the body has to get used to solid food again. I sit up quickly, and sometimes I take a slightly lesser amounts of eg pistachios than prescribed. ‘s cross out what training during these difficult days, but all in all I feel good. During these days you still need to take it easy. 3 I wanted to build-up the stairs to my office (130 steps), but that was a bit too much to ask. After each stage of 9 steps I had to recover because my heart soared. On this day also colors the urine strip still very dark. I may Bas therefore two extra glasses of juice. On the last set-up day, the weather strip pieces lighter, but that’s fine.
I’m finally 2, 9 pounds lost and when I was just the right weight. Earlier in the course I lost just under 4 pounds, but when I had underweight. During construction days I gained some weight back, but I was happy because I needed to find myself in the mirror a magnifying glass haha. The waist circumference was 5 cm.decreased hip circumference and thighs 4 cm. Furthermore, the Sportfasting a very positive effect on the eczema which is now much less bother me.
After the course: The day after the course I had a conversation with Bas about ‘what now’? I get lots of dietary it. It turns out that I was always doing well, but I must eg be less bread to eat and I can more eggs. Furthermore, real butter better than margarine. Margarine is even taboo. I can continue to do mini cures. Meanwhile I have done 2 times a lunch cure to ‘reset’ after ‘to be flown off the road’ with dinners a few times. My weight remains well on track and I notice that I can best occasionally sin without a time immediately punished with weight gain. Pity I can not test while running the switch. But I now have running back prospects thanks to the neurosurgeon to which I was directed. I am now on a hernia surgery waiting and after rehabilitation that I can start working again carefully. A half and full marathon The operation will probably happen in September. Perhaps I, again a new Sportfasting going to do under the expert guidance of Bas.
Sportfasting in my area: People have been critical of me for doing this cure. “But girl, you need to eat, or “you’re going to starve yourself”… When I survey the consumer society and the growing number of obese people (with a negative impact on their health) I understand a few days of fasting is not that bad. Many more people would be doing this course to get a healthier body and especially to keep it. No “yo yo” effects, as with other courses. Besides I have this treatment is not done to lose weight, but to get as endurance athlete better results and to do persevere through an easier transition from sugar burning to my body’s endurance sports better fat burning. Bas, thank you for your excellent guidance and “we keep in touch”!
Name: Harry Verhagen
Company Name: Mental Health
Job: Team Leader

I’m an avid runner (‘ve walked eight full marathons and walk now races of 10 km tm half marathons) and am almost 62 years old. The level is good for my age (Nov 2011 1:05 7-H loop Nijmegen).
A while ago what about Sportfasting googled and contacted Bas. More than three months ago I had my interview. With clear explanations of Bas and his infectious enthusiasm I received a lot of sense to follow the sport. Fasting Since I am one of the statistics and the numbers and always train with heart rate monitor, I kept everything accurately, such as the wrist rest. Results showed that I already switching was fast 1. I had absolutely no trouble dismantling and fasting and could still achieve the desired HF during training, but my pace gradually declined, especially during the fasting days. On the third day of fasting the tank was empty and not exercised on day 7. Quietly done on day 8 (similar to the feeling after 37 km on the marathon) and in consultation with Bas on day 9 not been running, but 30 min walk: focus on recovery! One of the most striking things about life style: in related to my work I ate irregularly and I was not a fish lover, that has really changed!. Enjoyed during the course of the food and appreciate it even more than before. The result after three months is great: my stomach size is reduced by 3 cm and I’m already three months 3 kg lighter. In the longer distances it strikes me that I can sustain the effort long easier (continuous power clearly improved) and my results are better. Overall very satisfied and Bass, thanks again for your excellent guidance and support. Also your calls after the treatment (week, month, three months), I very much appreciated.Sportfasting: a must!
Name: Judith Hendrikx

Because a number of people had done this course with my running group Eindhoven Runs and there were so enthusiastic about myself was also wondering what effect this would my body hebben.Het last six months I had always suffered from my calves (pavements). Could this after the course of his? Would I even hold out?
I wanted to start as my husband for his work 11 days had to be in China, I only needed to cook for my kids and for myself “a little”.
The went above my expectations thoroughly, not hungry, only in the evening at tea in for a treat (as normally a cookie or M & M’s) The sports was doen.De switch good I had to all pick up. afbouwdag 3
The guidance Bass I liked and he adapted the course where necessary aan.In if my case was something rather start eating one day and I did not sporten.Ik am very pleased with the result, 3 pounds net and 3cm waist circumference lost (I weigh less now than when I got married!) and what I find even more important is that my calves have never been so smooth aangevoelt.Normaal I could not run consecutively 2 or 3 days without getting my kuiten.Ik feel burden me super fit and am eager to start trainen.Of calm weather will still be PRs walked afwachten.Vandaag we have had the first evaluation by Bass and am wondering if I can continue, at least enough on my old habits info which I inherited, I can only recommend everyone this cure to work. kan.Verder (bring free / time for yourself during this course).
Name: Carla van Dijk
Company Name: Natural2ruN
Job: Natural Running Coach

During a very engaging and enthusiastic presentation on Sportfasting at Eindhoven athletics, I know. Bas
It was a good story and I was immediately excited so quickly made ​​an appointment. During the intake I knew by presenting Bas already a large part that would be me. waiting Yet all the time taken for me and were further explained all relevant issues properly. Beforehand I figured if I wanted to start and that is what happened. My intake was on Friday, June 1 and 3 June, I began with the first afbouwdag. During the course of days, I was very well personally supervised by Bass. Every morning we had nice call which the next steps were discussed. was listened and I got good individual advice.Also with questions I could always rightly so. After days of treatment we had a deal where everything was discussed to maintain the switch.Meanwhile the days of treatment completed and I now have a few days of rest. To me, the purpose of the course mainly aimed at performance. In addition, like I am working with health and nutrition. Especially in combination with sports. Before I started the treatment I had suffered from an alternating sugar and drank quite a lot of Diet Coke. The first few days of the course I found it also hard that I could no sweetness and no diet coke.This feeling is now completely gone. The food I can eat now I feel satisfied me and let the sugar more alone. This makes me feel better alone. I believe in and expect that I will feel even more vital once I am of course restored . During the treatment I have lost about 3 kg, which is also a nice coincidence, of course. I am confident that I can continue this diet and see my improved fitness and maturities happy to accommodate. Conslusie: The cure is very liked. The performance improvement is to wait and see but I have confidence in it. ‘s very enthusiastic and knowledgeable guidance of Bas is highly recommended.
Name: Wim van Tongeren

Through some come into contact with the idea of Sportfasting and their positive experiences.
6 weeks for my Sport Wired Water I undergo inspection at TopSupport sport and there suggested that a course to follow. First, to lose weight and to see if it would have on my (high) blood pressure. One another and to me also positive effects Sports doctor did not slect idea and after consultation with the doctor decided to start with the treatment. Just before and we started adjusting my blood pressure medication. During the cure And that was fast! Now 6 weekn after the course I am a mix of four different pills back to 1 and there must be some to improved / reduced. Only reason is the cure been worth it, because now I have (without beta-blockers) again big stretch in my heart rate range and sports a lot more enjoyable.
Besides that I am still a kilo or 7 to 8 lost and that sport better!
Yesterday another re-test on the bike done in TopSupport and all values ​​were a lot better. Heart rate went up nice and I kicked 50 watts more than the cure. Because I now have more elasticity in the heartbeats have, it’s easier to write beautiful training programs.
There are still a few things on my bucket list.
Guidance of Bas was fine, he has a lot of thinking along with me and the sports and GP . With me he was happy surprised that the cure had such a positive effect.
The cure itself I found very comfortable (it had 10 days off) and would do it again. It was actually kick to accomplish with such a result.
Name: Hans Brons
Company Name: IRXInnovations
Job: CEO

In addition to previously reported the following. It is now more than three weeks after the marathon and about 3 months after Sportfasting cure. The result for me is amazing: a time of 2u44 and thus a PR improvement of more than 11min! Of course I am very pleased with this time, but what surprised me even more was the fact that I ran a negative split of experienced less than 4min and until the last meters an incredible force. This was my 5th marathon and I never ran’m still having. Energy so fresh and with the constant feeling Obviously eea also the result of training and circumstances (although, wind force 4!), But for me it is clear that the combination treatment Sportfasting-adjusting my diet a substantial contributors to this performance. To be continued.
Name: Anoek Adank
Company Name: Fontys Sports College
Job: Sports & Teacher Education

The sport fasting rocks! It’s been three months since I did the sport fasting. The reason to this start came out of curiosity: Would the sport fasting also affect my eating and sleeping behavior? I can say yes. Three months after the treatment, the results are still special. I sleep much better (sleep through the night) than for the cure and I have much less than for the treatment tends me, after a day of work “to be paid into sugars.” the expert, pleasant way of guiding by Bas before, during and after the course is definitely worth mentioning. He takes the time to answer your questions. The enthusiasm is contagious. PS: Although this was not a goal for me, it’s a nice touch that the 3.5 pounds that I had fallen in these three months are still off.
Name: Remko Leeuwenkamp
Company Name: Lion Camp Vandervelden BV
Job: Director

I came into contact with Bas. Through an acquaintance After an initial interview I started Sportfasting. I looked pretty against it. Especially since you still need to exercise. The days that you should not eat That’s all very cases it afterwards. There has not been one day that I felt weak and did not feel like to play sports. During the course of each day had contact with Bas to hear how it went.
Not even tired not hungry during the fasting days. I’m after 10 days lost 6 pounds and my waist size is 5 cm. less. Finally on the target weight that I want the Alp d’Huez. My compliments to Bas has a clear explanation of the things that change during the cure. Now I notice that I have more energy.That along with less weight makes you feel good.
Name: Cor

Hi Bas, Again many thanks for your tips yesterday! You were not officially our coach, you did not have to call back, but you did it, at the time one of us had as much need. Top! Our coach was a nice weekend, while we were on the second day of fasting. Kim had previously a color change waargenomenop urine strip, but a day later the strip remained white. The fear that the switch would not come was still there. Bas has guided us through it and you guessed it: the switch is there today. Altogether we look back on a fine course, with a few hurdles, but a great result. It was all together (now third fasting day later to pick up groceries tomorrow ‘nice’ to eat) along and we recommended you! My results so far: switch made ​​and six pounds lighter, (this weighed 84 kg Height 183 cm. .) Cor
Name: Erik Verreijt                                                                                         Job: IT SharePoint Consulta
Because I’m quite a aprt case had my intake a form of other than normal.For the curious among us, I will at the end place a link where the how and why and my to read daily findings during the course of his. But after a bright intake had convinced bas me of the benefits of sport fasting. So a week later I was in good spirits start. According to Bass, it was a course booklet on the last afbouwdag already to address during the fasting days attracted to dark purple on the strips. light switch What a good switch means. regard to the beauty of the course is that the supplements at least I did not feel hungry even during the fasting days, where I even for my kids fries have been baking. And from there I could stay. Easily result was also properly call of 87.8 kilos to 82.4 during the construction days remained the same. and now 3 weeks after treatment even less namely 81.9 pounds. The best result was the waist circumference of 103cm to 95 which is 8cm even now already 1cm less. What I notice it now my endurance has increased I have job even this weekend 160 miles on the bike sat and am after 2 days again restored. Overall though it’s been a good cure. only were there during the course of which issues at a customer so I could all do as advised but, it is so quiet I can highly recommend it. Bass is a passionate man with deep knowledge about nutrition and state So to rumble. no rehearsed storyI had already a lot of reading about food etc he was still interesting things to say that I often thought since I have some on. Overall a must for anyone who is mentally and physically once the ride will continue. For as I now know hunger is relatively As promised for the curious lefthttp://www.verreijt.info/sportvasten http://www.verreijt.info/gezondheid
Name: Monique Robben
Company Name: Best Pilates
Job: Pilates PowerYoga-teacher

In late October I started the bike training for the Alp D’Huzes in June this year. After a few months I noticed that I really liked it for cycling but I had no idea that I really went ahead and I also was the evening really tired and listless. At first I thought that my body had to get used to that extra effort, but it fell to my mind far too slow. Had also increasingly suffering from hormonal fluctuations (I’m 48) and began to change. My body I wanted to speak literally a reset but had not got the tools at hand. Through a spinning instructor gave me the concept Sportfasting and after some research I quickly came to Bas de Louw visit. I had the intake. 2 days later direct
the logic of the concept Sportfasting, the enthusiastic attitude of Bas and positive experiences on his site have pulled me right over the line. Knowledge of Bass, Am 2 days later I started. The phasing days were a breeze for me because I always like to eat salads and fruits and vegetables.It feels good to eat healthy. On the first day of fasting I got the afternoon a huge dip. By the evening drew to itself away again, and then I found to do. Fasts the very good You have to build, not too many plans and take time for things rest. On the 2nd day of fasting I had a lot of energy and I could enjoy working in the garden. The 2nd dip I received only during the 2nd set-up day. I was tired and lethargic all day, but that was the day then disappeared again.
Eventually I went to 59.7 pounds on the last build-up of 62.3 pounds and less than 4 cm. rid of my belly. On the same day I went back to Bas afternoon for an extended session on nutrition, the effects of fasting sport and how to continue. That was very verhelderend.Je also have the feeling that Bass can not just let go. His involvement goes far and that makes this concept in my mind so successful.
Hormonal happened also everything. My period came 6 days earlier than usual and lasted three days longer than normal. According to Bass, this more often.
A week after the last construction day I first long endurance to do and that was super. No acidification, my rate was higher than normal, the heavier load I could and I had a lot more stamina. That felt really good. Last weekend I did a 4-hour spinning marathon and that led me very well. Although I still have days that I’m tired, and according to Bass I have not fully recovered, I am fitter, I’m better in my body and I just more endurance. All in all very worthwhile.
The greatest benefit for me is in the regularity of sports that you pick up again during the 10-day sportfasting program. This makes the fun of sports for me all the way back. Every day contact Bas is very stimulating. I can not really imagine that you are doing this course without guidance. It is the support, both theoretical and mentally, is the difference between success and failure. It’s the money and the investment really worth.
coming months I will go to work with my training, supported by good nutrition and the opinions of Bas. I am very pleased with Bas his guidance. He is very well educated, can convey good and clear, especially as people very enthusiastic and involved. So all I can come with the knowledge and experience of all I look with a very good feeling and time on. Bas, thanks a lot!!
Name: Roel de Cook
Company Name: GleijmenvanderWaart
Job: Brand Strategy Consultant

A very special experience. Food is such a big part of my life apparently I really got to know. Myself on a number of points The accompaniment by Bas is great. You experience so much in the 10 days that it’s nice to share it understands what is happening. This with someone 5 kg and 3.5 cm waist circumference off. Now four weeks later and the result is preserved. Did have significant influence on my mood. 10 days And the days / week later it still has an impact on my life because I really another diet and lifestyle myself to fitting. It is in this respect a real workout.
Name: Hans Brons
Company Name: IRXInnovations
Job: CEO

Came in contact via Willem vd Laar Bunge (manual therapist) with Bas. I have for some years an active (marathon) runner (46yr) and since the New York Marathon in 2010 experimenting with various forms of training this year in order to run a PR firm (sub 2:50) in Rotterdam. Clearing a persistent buttock injury heard this and so I came on the bench at Willem. He began an enthusiastic story about Sportfasting and this experience of one of his other clients. I should get in touch with Bas. Action to the word and scheduled an intake interview with Bas on Feb 3 jl. A world opened up for me! The logic that underlies the Sportfasting was / is striking for me and I had after this session therefore convincing feeling that this was the missing element in my endeavor to continue this spring. A ‘top’ endurance performance down The knowledge and enthusiasm Bass made ​​it a day later that I decided to start with the 10-day course. 2 days later The ‘switch’ already manifested itself in the reduction period. Took the weight (of course) quickly, but without significant adverse side effects (dizzy a little too fast reactions). In fact, I felt very fit, alert and slept since times deeper and longer. Now four weeks after the treatment I feel a ‘different’ man! The first rate training after the course went a bit difficult, but now that is history! From the 10th day after the course is the force only growing. My endurance has improved significantly! What also helps is definitely a fairly radical change in my daily menu. Bass’ expertise in nutrition has also helped me back here. The lot to carbohydrate and sugars based on quick meals and snacks are redeemed for a lot more protein, slow sugars and unsaturated fats. Moreover, the daily amounts are greatly increased. Weird! I am very excited about Bass and sports fasting program. Bass’ background and personal nature make you the mental ‘can make. Switch’ naturally and quickly His interest in you as a person and want to make one for you tailored program to make it blend with your own perseverance, do the rest! Continued!
Name: Marc Meeuwis
Company Name: Extravagant Music
Job: Musician

By Pieter van den Hoogenband I came into contact with Bas. The enthusiasm of Peter on Sportfasting was well conveyed by Bas. He has extended the time taken to provide information on exactly what I was going to do. Explanation By quitting smoking, I was a lot of pounds arrived. We agree on the treatment planned and I started. Heavy days, 5.5 pounds and 8 cm waist circumference road. Super. Now working on the sequel. With the support of Bass, this certainly happen again.
Name: Ad Krikke
Company Name: DSM
Job: ITAssurance

I started this course is not so much to lose weight (also nice), but also to feel fitter me. And that is both successful. I had some years prone to many hours of muscle soreness after exercise and was partly a result of building condition (and waste) not really on. Bas took time for me to Sportfasting good to explain but also to adapt it so that I can go through. it without too much muscle pain I have already done the course twice and have a lot more energy. I can now build my fitness sports and I lost. Almost all my muscle pains I am also 8Kg and 10cm waist circumference lost and, I am much more aware of my “life-style”. Bass is very involved and call you every day to hear how you’re doing and make adjustments where necessary to coach. For me Sportfasting is a new start, I should do this! much earlier
Name: Kosta
Company Name: LaDolceVita
Position: Owner

When Pim and Sabine one night (or what remained of them about) arrived at La Dolce Vita in I could not help but ask what happened. Enthusiastically told them about Bass and his sport fasting and since I was already two years of hard and last times no improvement achieved (in weight as sports performance) I decided to follow.
At the first appointment Bass explained the theory, he handed all means and after a test on the bike I went weg.Twee weeks later I started the course and since I will see an average of 100 plates with delicious food per day was extra hard to keep out only with some lettuce and nuts but it sports went well. What if I have very pleasant experience was the daily contact with Bass, he knows you and motivate you by dragging in difficult moments.
The switch was fast and the pounds and cm waist circumference decreased rapidly. It is very important to comply with all rules and certainly no more than 30 minutes exercise (I thought I could handle more and without telling Bass I have 10 extra minutes exercised the first days and thus the first breakfasting fainted! !) I was that day of Bas an extra glass of apple juice 150 ml (he is a generous guest).
The next day I felt better and the first building was a feast. Weather some fruits and vegetables on the menu and as each day went better. Eventually 6kg lighter and 5cm. Permanent. Until today. Now the guests notice that I lost weight and recommend this host to anyone.
Bas thanks for the support and see you soon.
Name: Ed Huijbregts

I came into contact with the sport through fasting Kees Temple, sports instructor in Eindhoven. He called it during one of the training sessions and told me that maybe it was something for me. As soon Bas de Louw found and to both our surprise we were old classmates from high school to be! After our first meeting, the end, it took almost a year before I actually started due to work and injuries. But when I was very motivated. Fasting itself went as expected without too many problems. It gave me a good feeling as with sports and nutrition to be busy, both mentally and physically. Besides some decrease in strength during fasting and in evening some dizziness when standing up quickly I had no complaints. The switch was made ​​quickly. All in all, lost 4.5 kg weight and 5 cm waist circumference. Now, after a few months is that still true – and there is the Christmas between Conditional is fine.Bas relief and support before, during and after the course was fine: enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Always lots to tell, always in good mood. ‘s largest permanent change is to change eating habits now. I eat less bread, potatoes, rice, pasta and more salad and vegetables. Especially bread was getting used to, but it’s just fine.:)
Name: Danny

Here my experiences with Bas. I am a very sporty Mountain Biker of 42 years. Goal this year is to drive several multi-day marathon races. The problem I have is that I have but do not brake with sports. Crohn’s disease This indicates to me side effects, failure (fainting), hyperventilation, poor sleep, tired, energize, mood swings etc etc. come in contact Via Willem vd Laar Bunge (physiotherapist) with Bas. For the weight hoedfe I certainly did not do the 83 kg at 1.85 m Bas indicated that a switch could have for my disease, race performance and energy at work. Serious consequencesBasically win / win situation. Without that I actually knew where I immediately began (known song with me) I started the treatment. A revelation can I say. We are now almost two weeks later, a thick additional lost 7 kg (76 kg), (to) now no longer suffer from Crohn’s attacks, a lot of energy, I focused again and all my reactions decreased. Cycling is super, fair to say that explosiveness has diminished but continuous power many times greater (that’s what it at me).
To me this is the beginning, sticking to a healthy diet will become automatic to go.
Guidance of Bass was super, lots of attention, lots of knowledge but more importantly … Bas is just a very nice guy. His background in the sport was worth to me, he knew a lot of the “switch” to make it to how much fanatic MTBer can think. Bas thanks and see you soon
Name: Caroline Swinkels

Closed last Thursday my sport fasting. Although I dreaded and especially the sapdagen is all very expected. During the course I felt energetic and goed.Geen suffer from hunger or faint. The sleep was less felt hyper but despite the few hours of sleep I felt during the day still super fit.
Guidance of Bas de Louw was fine, every day contact gives you the feeling that you do it together. His enthusiasm, commitment and knowledge makes is to do the sport fasting well.
2.5 kg in weight dropped and my waist circumference decreased by 4 cm, but above all I feel fit and energetic.
Name: Irene Gruintjes
Company Name: Fittizt
Job: Coach

Hi Bas, First I am eager to know how how’s your daughter and you will. Have you already found a bit of a rhythm or is it difficult? Is still mainly to Sanne. How does she do it? I hope so that you can fully enjoy because it is and remains the most valuable thing you can do with it. There is currently nothing in Sportfasting!! Ha, ha. I’m doing very well. I really found a rhythm in movement and food. As you know, find the rhythm was eating some difficult, but fortunately that’s over. I eat almost no sugar (as indeed did not need). An ordinary piece of chocolate, it pulls my mouth almost along the sweetness. I eat the occasional piece of dark chocolate 86%. That I find sweet enough, while I still found previously that really bitter. Weird though.Also, you have been right in the amount of food. If I eat good breakfast, good lunch and in the evening, I do the rest of the day nothing more. I’m really full, as they sometimes say. Without effort I take no more snacks. And I feel great at. Even the bread I eat a new rhythm. I eat only bread on the weekends! Clever huh? There I also enjoy very much. The rest of the days I can easily leave it. Have these carbohydrate crackers bought and I think the week just fine. I eat 1 or 2 a day. Serve with butter and lean meat. I eat no carbs during the week at dinner. Doing fine. I did that already, so that’s not so difficult. The finest of all is that I am now a little over the weekend will be abandoned and can enjoy the less healthy things like a wine, cheese etc. I do really like to do everything . And all to arrive. 2 kg without direct On Monday I get the discipline back Monday and I’m already at the right weight. Really super. Can again enjoy without guilt of the weekend. That’s been different. I could not get the pounds just off. Also I swallow daily multivitamin, fish oil and vitamin D. Overall, I am very glad I did the cure. After the treatment I’ve had it harder than the cure itself, but with some perseverance, I also succeeded. In the period after the course I me a bit lost. You live so to the end of the course that you really have to unload. Equally That was a bit disappointing. It has really taken a week or three before I had a bit of everything on the drive. After the mini course is directly passed on the good side. My weight stays the same, I feel good and I love to be! Rid of that sugar needs Well, it’s been a long story, but I just wanted to share with you. Partly thanks to you I feel so good. Thanks again! Should I still have a need for a mini course, I’m sure you find. Now I praise you!! When others So maybe you’ll get there again with customers. Sincerely, Irene Gruintjes
Name: Pim and Sabine

Through a member of running club ‘Eindhoven is’ heard of the sport fasting.
As we both are aging (he 50, she 47 years), wanted to be vital and efficient wanted sports this seemed to us a bit.
On Internet for a ‘suitable’ sportfasting supervisor.
It soon became clear that this was going to be Bas de Louw. In addition to extensive experience with athletes he had as great pre his knowledge of orthomolecular nutrition. That was exactly what we were looking for the big question for us was: how do we keep it fixed after the course, particularly in terms of food? Staying sports would be no problem, because we do both like and regularly.
After a pleasant first telephone contact with Bas we immediately made ​​an appointment and decided to start at an appropriate time, the cure at a period without much social obligations and heavy days.
while it seemed that only one of us could start by the discovery of an excessively high blood pressure. The doctor thought it was a ‘to’ idea to exercise and not to eat, but not really recommended it off. So we could start together.
proceeded without major problems. The cure Questions about adapting the prescribed diet and physical reactions during treatment were answered directly by Bas. This while he had become a beautiful daughter. Dad just
through daily telefonisch-/mailcontact he guided us with great enthusiasm and knowledge around the course. We have experienced the advantage to join him on the course (peer support and lots of humor made ​​it easier for us).
Even after the therapy, which was the first restored much faster than the other Bass was our mainstay.
Now we are almost 2 weeks after the treatment and the first results are amazing: Pim: -spectacular drop in blood pressure , no more hunger knock -more energy , better sleep, less snoring amplifier Sabine: -minder/geen joints shoulders more -no more trouble BPPD (rotary vertigo ) -stable, both emotions and energy , better sleep Both: -weight loss and reduction in waist circumference We are looking forward to the results in the longer term, but it has already given us a lot. Definitely a must if you love sports, provided good guidance.
Name: Peter van Brunschot
Company Name: Fontys Sports College
Job: lecturer

I have now completed the course three days ago and am working on the recovery phase. I feel fitter to me every day.
It was a special experience: the phasing days were relatively easy. I was especially difficult during the second and third day of fasting. On the third day of fasting I trained in the morning, but when I got off the bike I felt it all: “maybe” I’m too deep gone (though I had loved me or to the agreed target zone). But yes, speak with an ex-athlete a target zone and he will collect all costs to keep though! It is surely time that I realize that I get older 🙂 I’m very tired of the whole day was.
But, Bass Bass would not be good if he keeps me on this day in the holes. After a phone call (so just on Sunday accompaniment shifts) he immediately changed my course and if I went to have dinner. And it did me good.
During the course I’m pretty lost weight. That was not my goal but is an inevitable consequence of the switch cycle. Eventually I lost weight more than 4 kg. I am very excited about the guidance of Bas. What a knowledge of nutrition and its effects. Great. Did you know that: -I have a lot more “trial” than I ever did? -I eat much better than ever -I in 10 days is no longer suffering with my hamstrings (I more than a year suffer as much ‘ve had that I can do! intensive interval training not long ago-it is that someone had so much influence on the contents of my refrigerator and kitchen cabinet Bass, super thanks Peter
Name: David Sigtermans
Company Name: ASML
Job: Senior Business Analyst

Another update (as agreed with Bass). After about five months, the effect of the treatment is still evident: my waist size has remained the same, my weight is stable, while I quite sinned. Indeed, to train strength, I yet again going to take so I to have come, but what some sugars two intensive endurance training were sufficient that weight again to get off (measured by waist circumference). And more importantly despite to very short preparation time long after my failure, I could use my personal goal in the first 50% of the 105km Bart Brentjens Challenge over surpass. So in my opinion one three cheers!
Name: Henk van Os

The course I did early September.
I discovered Sportfasting thanks to an article in the journal Runnersworld.
In this article Sportfasting especially touted to improve. fitness or sports performance
However, there was also that it makes you less sugar dependent.
That appealed to me , because I had to often suffer from sugar cravings. With trainer Bas de Louw I well spoken that I was suffering (achilles tendons and hamstrings, but also fatigue) His 1st advice was, because the tendons and hamstrings, not go running but manageable. the cure on the bike I wanted to remain rather walk and with proper arrangements ‘if’ I do the treatment right foot. Bas sportvasten.nl I found through the site, he was for me the closest to . But I can also recommend Bas if he is not the closest to is, his enthusiasm and good communication (during the cure but also good afterwards) make the stretch to do fine. How was the process? I saw the most against hunger and walking (half an hour) would be a breeze. practice was exactly the opposite! Hunger, hardly any had, but walking was getting slower and slower. 1st The build-up is an optional rest day. When I saw that at the beginning of the course I did not need to have the day off and have a nice walk. In reality, I have taken the day off and enjoyed it! In the final interview still got lots of useful information, as there was plenty of time to talk business by and answer questions at the intake. Results: – Weight and waist circumference decreased (5 kg, and 3 cm) and still stable. – The fat disappears on the main site (abdomen). – No more Achilles tendons and hamstrings. – Sports Performance in any case, not decreased, but also (yet?) noticeably increased. – Sugar Needs less clear.
Name: Irene Gruintjes
Company Name: Fittizt
Job: Coach

Out of curiosity I started to sport fasting. Through my work as a coach where I help overweight children to a healthy lifestyle, I am very interested in sugars and fats and what it does to your body. Using sugar to burning fat for me was a beautiful and educational experience. A switch The course is very well gone and have achieved a very good result. I found the cure to do very well, thanks to the commitment and knowledge of Bas. The daily contact makes you feel not only to stand, even though you really do this for yourself. Rest and relaxation is I think a prerequisite for success. You really need to take a step back and make time for yourself.
The course is over and I’m still recovering. Again, do not let you go Bas and again are you are not alone. He is always ready with advice and assistance. And that is super!
For people who consider sport fasting, I would say: please contact Bas and you will experience success.
Name: Jolanda van den Berge
Company Name: Wespa
Job: Owner

For months, I am looking for the reason why I’m slowly getting heavier despite that I watch on my diet and exercise regularly. I’m 45 years old and in transition, so it seems to be a hormone issue.
After some time to scour the internet I came to the site of Sportfasting right. I was immediately interested and thought maybe to have found the solution. I wanted very much en 4kg lose weight so that I would have before slowly walking out of hand. Normal weight on my back
I went quickly see which coach lived closest to me around and that was Bas! I called him immediately and an appointment was made.
When I was at Bass in the office I was sure I wanted to do this ..! After the bike test I got the green light, I could start!
The first three days went well (despite the bad sleep), but on the morning of the 1st day of fasting I felt that t would be. a hard day That turned out to be so.
Urine strip showed that I had made ​​the switch.
This day was heavy, a trough was reached but Bas is a great coach, he knew through pulling me. at the right time
, the 2nd day of fasting made up for the adrenaline poured smorgens by mn body! This you must experience for yourself. My body has found a new source of energy .. FAT!
The 3rd day of fasting was a tough day, exhausted and weakened the right words for how I felt. So I did not have to exercise a day and I could happily smiddags start again to build ..
The last 4 days building went well, I could eat again after all!
The result: less than 4.0kg and 4.5cm lost belly fat! Bas, thanks for all the information and support you gave me! You’re not rid of me .. the next stage is also yet! But first do what you said … THE EFFECT OF THE TRAINING IS IN THE RECOVERY so I’m going this week mn rest still hold so I can go again next week to the gym
Name: Gwen Wealth Burg
Company Name: Fontys Sports College Tilburg
Job: Teacher

Life is precious! Throughout our lives we do all kinds of experiences. Unfortunately, it is often the negative experiences that you value life do realize.Health is not obvious … Sometimes there is a unique opportunity on your path appears. I got the offer and the opportunity to participate in the New York City Marathon in November 2011. Part With my admittedly sporting background, but as a former basketball star with little stamina, a huge challenge. A challenge that I’m contracted with the realization that a serious preparation would be. Required after by an enthusiastic student to be put on the track, I started to study the Sportfasting cure me. Besides the fact that there are many Sportfasting coaches are available, I already came quickly with Bas de Louw visit. His background, including training at the Academy of Physical Education, training in nutrition and orthomolecular medicine and his experiences as an athlete, talked to me a lot. And after the first mail exchanges and the interview I was completely sold. I had to deal with an enthusiastic, but especially professional coach who would accompany this cure me. After the necessary and most interesting information, I started in July. Afbouwdag 1 and 2 went pretty good. The morning of afbouwdag 3 was a horror. I was early in the morning, shivering and bathed in sweat. For an hour my body was pounding. Apparently got my body for a few days that which was so used: sugars! And I was still so under the assumption that I / All-bran breakfast and snack Evergreen was healthy working on my cornflakes. Compared with this ‘detox’ experiences Fixed Days were definitely not too heavy. Besides the fact that non-food is extremely boring, your body gets used apparently fairly quickly to the lack of food. The switch was made ​​on Afbouwdag 3, leaving a small adjustment in the course could be made., In consultation with Bas On Breakfasting 3 if I enjoy the evening (!) Of a salad. After going through the Construction days and mandatory rest days, the original could training-/loopschema for the marathon are arrested again. On the basis of dietary Bas (keep the switch), I changed my diet and successfully, the results permanent. Results 5 weeks after the conclusion of the Sportfasting cure: – From 60 dropped to 57 kg – Effortless without the ‘ fast sugars’; – No more “hunger knock ‘feeling with exertion; – Faster recovery after exercise (heart rate drops faster) – No more trouble Achilles tendons; – Substantial effort possible, without having eaten in advance; – I ‘m much warmer than before and during exercise I perspire more, – especially in the evenings more energetic / vitality, -. adapted Awareness and thus effortlessly diet I can with a very happy and satisfied feeling back on this training course. The Sportfasting course was not easy, but the contact with Bas (before, during and after the course) have brought me a lot and learned. Among other things, that health is not obvious …. Regards, Gwen Wealth Burg
Name: Anouska van der Zee
Company: Dietistenpraktijk van der Zee
Job: Sport Dietician

Mainly out of curiosity I started the sport fasting. Especially on the mental plane I found it a great experience. It brought me back to my past sport.There are moments of equally considerable suffering and persevere. Because you see quick results and experience is good to keep going. I found it very interesting and instructive to Bas to argue. The final result is to have back. 3 pounds of weight loss, a feeling fit and discipline around mealtimes again In short, you get held up a huge mirror with a hitherto positive result in 10 days. Bas thanks for your support!
Name: Kevin Bek

I in July the sport fasting done in Bas.
With me were the toughest finishing days into the holiday and that was necessary too,
I could not concentrate the 3rd up day good at thinking,
although it sports still went pretty nice.
In itself funny to see the urine tests how your body makes the switch, I had quickly address. though the switch Also nice for once to be aware. Working with food I enjoyed regular intense of pistachios ..
Thanks to Bas was to keep this cure easy full I gave him daily a scientific explanation what happened to my body what really motivated me. Result lost more than 5 kg with 3.5 cm abdominal fat.
primary objective is / was running for fitness improvement and that we definitely notice.
Name: Bianca Blokzijl

I have in June the sport fasting followed by Bass.
Discontinuing days were for me the hardest. I was very sick and dizzy. The proper guidance of Bas has helped me through it. The fasting days I found quite easy. During construction days I had a very heavy feeling in my legs and was very tired. Showing 4 pounds Abdominal fat 4cm off at night not so much awake as otherwise Bas thanks for the good guidance! Greetings Bianca
Name: Jolanda van Vroonhoven

Hai, I am Jolanda and spent 4 weeks ago sportfasting program at Bas done.
‘m in that 10 days 5 pounds and 5 cm abdominal fat lost.
You have to have perseverance, for three days not eating is not easy.
Ensure that you have no parties like me because it is more difficult.
Anyway’m still survived, super proud of myself, and especially happy with the result.
Go there now to get even. 4 pounds off of
Good follow the schedule then the fixed succeed. Bas Well thanks for all your explanation and your contacts via email. You’re going to hear from me.g Jolanda
Name: David Sigtermans
Company Name: ASML
Job: Senior Business Analyst

By a fairly serious accident (neck broken during ride through the forest) late last year I could not exercise some months. I think it is great to make the mtb (Bart Brentjens MH2D, Limburg’s most beautiful etc) and so was hugely disappointed that I probably could not ride a bike. Marathon distances long rides (80 + miles) I was also quite arrived as I hardly could move (and only come as a comfort food and pastime). Long time I know Bas for some time, and he said that all that had to be a problem. So when my body allowed it again, we started a sports fasting. My goals were clear. Residues better condition, sufficient basis to get in a short time my technique and strength back in order I am now two weeks finished the course, and thus well able to observe the effects: 1 . I’ve lost fat!, about 6 kg my belly size is decreased with 6cm 2. my condition is really clearly improved: I long time 28 km / h over hill and dale could go past that now become 31km/uur, and I much faster recovery after a strenuous exercise 3. Now two weeks after the treatment I feel nogs still very good (much better than the cure) Regarding the guidance: Bas I would recommend to anyone. He has a lot of knowledge and can (food, health, sports) to explain very complex matter in a completely clear way: nothing no difficult words or complicated connections. My daughter of 11 has experienced a session and even they understood. In addition, his enhousiasme very contagious, and gives it that extra push to get through. The difficult moments of his Los clear teaching skills and professionalism and thorough knowledge in several areas (food, sports, health) Bass is very concerned that easier allows to reach the finish line. Besides the fact that my objectives were met, is perhaps the most beautiful gift that I have encountered some food, and the lack of it with your body and mind does. at first hand My “snaaitrek” was from the 4th day completely gone, just gone! Even now, two weeks after the end of the course, I still have no need for sweet things. Conclusion: I’d be lying if I said it was a breeze for me was that in any case. However, great bass helped me through the difficult periods it (3 day, all day, brrr, then it was “smooth sailing”). However, in my opinion, the claims of the Sportfasting more than met, and that makes it for me a very valuable investment in my health. David
Name: Alex Roodhuyzen

In May 2011 I started a sports fasting at Bas de Louw
With my background as a gym teacher and Cesar remedial therapist I was very curious about this cure.
Personally I do a lot of mountain biking and strength
after two years of neck pain and less training, I felt weaker and gestressed.Er had undertaken something so I started the treatment.
Finishing Days and sports no problem, went whistling, I thought it is a breeze.
Last day of fasting and 1st two up days my legs were so weak as anything, just by training and cure maintain my motto and that of Bass.
What was the food tasty during the construction days, everything was scraped.
too mentally you just by biting, to the many questions during the course, I could always call and I got no hopeless open doors but practically tailor-made answers I could do something with it (by my gratitude for all fixed) am now more than one week.
3 days after the treatment the strength slowly came back into my benen.Even some results at a glance: – resting pulse of 50 to 40 sl / min – from 73 to 70 kg – waist circumference of 85cm to 82 cm – after peak load (170sl/min) a spectacular rapid decline – feel tidy and clean inside – and I have more energy in the evening at 20:00 no longer tired. – have no major fluctuations in my blood sugar – so no more craving for fast food something, desire for sweet is not there. – may, after considerable effort easily wait until dinner – fitness increased, with more force I can mountain biking longer persevere – sleep a lot better barely get between more awake. – various adhesion pains of muscles and tendons are gone also with dietary Bas can I forward, 3x weekly sports do and I always did, so less bread, in its time an egg, espresso, green tea, and of course once a tart No effort to keep that filled the pot with pistachios is always ready, afternoons after the salad. Bas huge thank you for your unfailing support, humor and expertise! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! greetings Alex
Name: Ton Rigby
Company Name: X-Tact
Job: Owner / Designer Hardware

For some time I struggle with my weight. Since over 100 kg I came 20 years ago I’ve never been more under. People who know me know how I look.Long (1.95), wide (build rugby player) and especially in recent years with too much belly. Who had only ever wonder. When I last met a former colleague noticed that his tummy was gone. That was because the sport fasting, he told me. His story made ​​me excited and I immediately made ​​an appointment with Bas. On the bike show that I had a decent level of fitness and then quickly started the 10-day course. Terribly sick right the first day. Fortunately, only a few hour. I think my body had to get used to the lack of sugars. The following days were fine. Even the fasts I come through well. The motivational words of Bas have certainly helped. Beware the first building I made ​​the switch. I had already lost 7 pounds. Of course there was the necessary moisture in, but gone is gone and it is not returned. I stayed two weeks at the exact same weight and then I started to lose weight again. Meanwhile, 10 kg, one month after the start of treatment. I see the cure as put in the back. I want to definitely lose weight 15 to 20 kg and the diet that I sustain now, is to keep very well. Full Yes of course “sinful” I do agree. A few potatoes, a slice of bread, pasta, a glass of wine. But really sparingly and always aware. On the website of sportvasten.nl are really delicious recipes (Moroccan chicken). I would like to see that list is expanded (especially the breakfast recipes). Bas thanks and stay connected!
Name: Nelleke of Children
Company Name: Rabobank
Job: Coordinator Jubilee Celebrations

I just sportfasting program behind us and I can only say that I think it’s a great course! Especially the extensive knowledge of Bas on the course and on nutrition and sports in general I find totally super! When Bas explained what the treatment does to you and how you then a nice and responsible way you eat, without lines, I noticed how “wrong” I’ve always eaten. Newly
Having followed, with the necessary jo various diets -yo effect, I am very glad I followed the sport. fasting It is very good to keep full and with the help of Bas sure! Bass, super thanks for your support and knowledge! Greetings Nelleke
Name: Marco Vroonhoven
Company Name: ETS Business Services
Job: Administrator

After the good results with my father and my boss, I was convinced and I made ​​an appointment with Bas! Personally, I was always a motivated athlete, but I am quite some arrived by various circumstances the last two years I myself had quite a few toned, but those last pounds but did not work … after the interview (and the bike test) with Bas I was even more motivated to achieve my goal to go! outfitting the days were a peace of cake!the fasts were for me fairly well to do (the 2nd day I had it pretty heavy), I had in Bas fast the “switch” made, given by this and it still may exercise I got a boost and supplements helped course also good … building days were great, weather was edifying to eat, and with the sports I noticed very well that I had gotten a lot more power my heart fell faster and everything went a lot easier .. all top so. guiding Bas via email and phone was also superb and has really helped me! results: 5 kg weight loss waist size 11 cm shrunk lot more power / condition Bass super thanks:):)
Name: Jan Biemans

After some months of delay by tapering medication was finally the big day! I could start! After an extensive interview in which many questions were asked, but also many clear explanation was given on the operation of sports fasting, I could go ‘test cycle’ on the exercise bike to opt for the 10-day ‘event’. A starting position The comprehensive package inherited with all supplements and test equipment to ensure optimal results. After a few days I had made ​​a ‘switch’. Apart from the weight loss (4.5 kg) I got a mental boost I’m very happy. The ten days were doing very well – it saves naturlijk or if you are really motivated … (What was that first delicious salad after fasting!) After the ten day treatment I have received a comprehensive nutrition.Now, I consciously noticed that my athletic performance greatly increased. Few weeks further The sour that I had previously prone and this ‘afbluste’ with Isostar (sugars), I can now only sufficient water. Wonderful feeling. The pace and distances are still increasing and that without problems. huge thank Bas, for your enthusiasm, for your expertise, clear explanations, you ‘severity’, the daily contact, and do not forget that you also after the course still are interested in how it goes with me, and I’m not immediately ‘uit-/afgeschreven.
Name: Karen van de Velde
Name Company: Image Entertainment
Job: Director

After my first encounter with Bass I became even more enthusiastic in Sportfasting than I already was. In Eindhoven was a very motivated, and friendly peer, waiting who loves to share his knowledge of business with you, and do not hesitate to explain. Everything to the last detail to you from me I generally found it easy on me go off, I have not had extreme hunger and exercise combined with fasting I find a pleasant method. In one way or another I charge this mentally and I also noticed that my condition has improved. I had during the three days solid like a small mistake which made ​​me finally (thankfully) not yet been charged too hard, since you should keep. explicitly prescribed supplements and sapvoorschriften I had an extra glass of apple juice drink which delayed the whole process. So beware: do not smuggle In total I lost 4 kg 4.5 cm abdominal lost centimeters and a dose of mental strength gained in its place. I feel wonderful fit Karen
Name: Roland Rijshouwer
Company Name: NOCNSF / Sports Works
Job: SrProjectleider / Owner

Quite spontaneously started Sportfasting at Bas. He has motivated me to start immediately and interim especially to continue. I therefore fully completed. And super result, lost 6 kg, more energy and a body fat that is not always crave snacks and snacks. Bass is a winner, he knows a lot about food and everything that goes with it, is very enthusiastic and involved. He sets the bar high for himself and will not settle for a mediocre result.The beauty of the course is that you’re going even further after completion because it is so well. Tip: Make sure that your agenda really not too crowded, do you really need rest and that was with me sometimes difficult. Besides physical, it is also a great mental victory. The expertise of Bas is a real added value, you are really well informed and guided. Go for it!
Name: John Smith
Company Name: Broadcast Business

With a healthy dose of skepticism, I agree with the sportfasting program began Sunday, March 20, after I’d let you know that my doctor saw no objection to attending the course. Saturday, March 19 Bass by email But I would only make me 10 days late May “free” by various social obligations unless … I could start tomorrow. (Sunday) Within half an hour email back from Bas: if you can have Sunday morning at 08.30 with me we can start.
This no-nonsense-entrepreneurial response gave me courage and confidence to as “old man of 63 ‘yet this treatment to follow.
Because I with the necessary discipline some food in recent years and sports concerns for 25 kg had fallen, but already more than a year remained light-rising-stable, I still had some doubts. The course itself is fine to keep full and by smart to deal with some things (tomato juice I do not really a treat, but if you heat up the delicious tomato soup) then the outfitting his best to do and that goes for the fasts themselves. The building days were for me the difficult because tend to do already a little ‘sin’ of the day was greater. Guidance by Bas, by e-mail and telephone, joined the Sunday experience:. pleasant, business, concrete and clear The final result :. 4 pounds of weight loss and Bass advised to do mainly by watching strong on the diet a healthy living style in the eye And there begins the Sportfasting-eetadvies quite a bit to go in the direction of Dr. Frank (enstein ) diet: no carbs and only (very) high in protein. now, I myself proposed as ‘appropriate excited’ to it will go: I will certainly take this into account, but not by me ‘to live’. Finally yet 1 advice to inventors / creators of the course: make sure that horrible juggernauts of pills you have to swallow in a more manageable size / carrying capsule are manufactured.
Name: Jacqueline Coppelmans

What can I say about the sport fasting? It is a very good course keeping full, which you really do not feel hungry. The three sapdagen were good to sustain. At the 2nd sapdag I had made ​​a complete switch! You could tell what you were tired and less easily could exercise at the last sapdag. I found the coaching very pleasant. Every day I had some time mail or verbal contact with Bas. Good coach but also honest and professional.
Now it’s a week after the treatment. I need some time to recover, but now I feel fine.
I have already applied for the second course!
Name: Ad van Vroonhoven

I’m 53 years old and going to gym 3x a week. I’m not overweight but I did not get the famous belly fat off. After an introduction to the sport fasting at Bas de Louw was a whole new world opened up for me about training and food intake. After that I decided to workout to follow. On Wednesday’m on the exercise bike I went to Bass to see what the tax would be best for those ten days for me. There had to be because every day 30 min cardio workout done. For me the outfitting, fasts and building days to do good, and there was no hunger thanks to the supplements. The daily mail and telephone counseling Bas has certainly contributed to the fact it was to persevere. After ten days I have achieved a good result, I am in total 5kg of weight, which is particularly abdominal fat reduced. There is already one month passed, and by continuing to exercise three times a week and a bit like eating to watch I’m still nothing arrived. I’m also a lot fitter, so I think that is the “switch” made. Bas thanks!
Name: Erik den Teuling

Ten days attention to my own body and welfare. In the hustle and bustle of everyday me sounded like a tempting offer. The enthusiasm of Bas pulled me further over the line and so I started my Sportfasting. I strangely enjoyed. The diet is spicy but is well supported by supplements. The awkward moments there is the stimulating words of Bas. It’s me all better than expected. daily exercise at a high intensity was getting used to but felt good after three days and then getting better. Still maintain, even without Bass. Combining both really does what with your body. I lost 6 kg in weight. After ten days I had felt fitter (and which I have now). Interestingly I found the physiological reaction of my body on the penalty diet and intensive exercise. I could easily follow what was happening to my body in the exercise physiology literature itself. Nice also to that with the daily, supplied (urine) tests confirmed seeing. What I really admire in Bas is his vast knowledge. He has in-depth knowledge of physiology as well as the nutritional aspects of the sport fasting. He can also further convey clear and with gusto. I experienced it as a reliable, enthusiastic and highly competent coach. The Sportfasting I also have experience as enjoyable and educational. at Bas I am pleased with the results. With this guidance I can highly recommend it.Erik
Name: Anthony Roovers
Company Name: ROOVOB Maintenance Management
Job: Director / Owner

I know Bas de Louw been a few years and during a birthday came Sportfasting discussed. Because I have long been uncomfortable fit and felt I decided to test to take to a Sportfasting to do in consultation with and under the supervision of Bas de Louw. The sum Because I have my own business and thus very ‘m busy we had to do to go to find the cure to do. course an appropriate time First I did some tests to see what my heart rate should be while riding in Sportfasting. When that was all settled and required equipment were inside I started the Sportfasting, accompanied by Bass.Bass held me closely during the course, we had daily contact with each other. On the first day I’m equal 1.6 kg of weight, incredible. And I felt good too. During the next few days everything went better and better, the three fasts were also not too bad actually, the 1st day of fasting for me it was the hardest. At the end of the day made ​​me feel empty and tired, but the 2nd day it went a lot better and I felt more and be more fit me. I must say that I am very happy that I have done this course. I feel much, much better, keep an eye on my food of course, but also enjoy my food and do not let everything for what it is. If I have a day where I’ve eaten a few nice things than I watch the days after a bit on what I eat more. But I do not let anything stand. It’s also fun to make serving healthy foods are processed. Recipes themselves I’m a total of over 5 kilos in 10 days, which is of course totally awesome! And I feel very good, am not tired o’clock in the morning and feel much fitter. yet I’m still trying ff go cycling on my bike. least 2 times a week The 5kg I lost weight come at least not anymore. Soon I in consultation with Bas de Louw a mini course do still to drop a few pounds and me fitter to feel. Overall a must for all, what could be better to snuggle up with healthy food to be losing weight and working to achieve this. sports in combination with Really very nice! I’m very glad that I did with Bas. this cure the Louw Greetings Anthony Roovers
Name: René van der Leeuw
Company Name: Philips Healthcare
Job: Project

Just as my wife Sjanien, I was an article in the Telegraph curious about the sport fasting. If serious hobby cyclist I was charmed by the prospect of a sustainable fitness improvement in combination with weight loss. With my 48 years, 1m88 and 82.5 kg I was not determine heavy, but as a fan of the necessary climbing on the bike every kilo excess off a blessing. So the decision was made ​​and after an introduction to the sport fasting at Bas de Louw I was a few days before the course / training already in Bas on the exercise bike for determining the heart rate zones or tax for the training. we started the first afbouwdag. 2 days later Every day must also be exercised and Bass had a solid program drawn up for me as a regular athlete. Every day, had to be cycled 40 min at 225 watts with 4 at intervals of 2 minutes at 250 watts. This was easy to do … the first day during the first three days, the Food intake drastically reduced until we were only on the first day of fasting on juice (besides unlimited black coffee … bah, or green tea) by the supplements was hunger acceptable, but you find good that your intestines are low. In the 2nd and 3rd day of fasting exercise was very heavy, but you should also have something about. evening on the 3rd day after exercise I was therefore. Bass had properly assessed. Heavy but manageable.In those days there flew a kilo per day. Not the “love handles” but internal fat. waist circumference-5cm. On 1st build-up you may again some food and even some cottage cheese with an apple tasted if you had not eaten a month. However it is also nice to do this together with someone so you can motivate each other, support or just to have … schadenfreude The third building days then took me actually a bit too long. I just wanted to eat again and recuperate. After the treatment we are at Bas by to discuss how we can hold the results. With the necessary dietary and explanation of a mini-course, we can move forward. The weight loss of 3 kg seems reasonable but the lasting fitness improvement so I could not test this week because the first symptoms of hay fever have started well. Even on the exercise bike I have noticeably less air and I get my heart rate slow in pace.Sunday’s see how it goes mountain biking … I’m also curious about the preservation of muscle strength. We’ll see next week in the gym. Altogether, I’m certainly happy with the result. The guidance and explanation of Bass are top notch and results are almost impossible to achieve faster. However, you must have some discipline and perseverance because the cure can be heavy. My lowest weight was 77.7 kg and is then stabilized at 78.5-79kg.Someone with more (over) weight, the 6 kg as a man can get sure. Besides weight, there are many more things in your body better in order, but for a good explanation you just have to mail with Bas. This was at least my story about Sportfasting. saluted, René
Name: Sjanien van der Leeuw

In the telegraph, I encountered an article on sport fasting. After I’m on the Internet a few things to read, and look who went near Eindhoven Sportfasting coach.
So I came up with Bass. After call I made ​​an appointment for an informational interview. I am 47 years with a few pounds too much weight, I still would like. rid Because I did but once a week on sport (zumba) was too wise to start several times to sports. weekly for the cure So I only dusted the cross trainer and I started with two times 25 minutes to move. Minimum Before I started Sportfasting I joined Bas on the exercise bike, to see what the best load (target zone) that suits me. Because it is important to exercise every day. The next day I started the dismantling days. They were doing well and the tea that I could drink unlimited I had no appetite. Only my weight did not fall in the beginning. The sapdagen I had a hunger but this is also a bit between the ears because only drinking is no food. But still you need to continue and all for a good cause. Result 2 pounds off. In sapdagen but we let the kids prepare their own food, and sent to the chip shop with money to eat … especially since I also go hiking. afbouwdag the last and the 2nd sapdag with the dog in the woods This was a wonderful variety and the dog and I enjoyed it. Because only the cross trainer inside is not very challenging. It was a good thing uitzendinggemist was to see on the computer, then the time flies. The first building was not fast enough break and even the desire for an apple was very large and tasted delicious. The rest of the meals were tasty and I had no appetite. Bas has supported me every day with his emails and he immediately responded to questions. This was really super. THANKS Bas. Even after the therapy we went to Bass to get advice on how to continue. Meals and training advice to maintain the result or to lose weight. More self Altogether I lost 2.8 pounds of weight.Because I have not eaten dairy products, for which I have an allergy, 10 days I feel now also a lot better.
Name: Tone Thirst
Company Name: ETS Business Services
Job: Director / tax

I am 56 years old and started Sportfasting because I noticed the gym 2 to 3 times per week. No result
Thanks Sportfasting I’m pretty over 5 pounds and I feel fitter. The Sportfasting sometimes was not easy, especially sapdagen were sometimes very heavy. However, with the help of Bas we got through it well. I found it very useful.
Name: Marjo Hoogers
Company Name: Milo Beauty Care
Position: Owner

Last December read my husband in a national newspaper an interesting article that was about Sportfasting.
That seemed to do something for me after reading this article I am going to search for more information about Sportfasting and began to be. increasingly enthusiastic on the internet So excited in fact, that I recorded with Bas contact from my winter address in Italy Louw of Ortho House to make an introduction. Immediately in January an appointment January 3, I was ready to go and stood at 9.30 in Bas for the door that my coach was going to be. I was very well received. It became clear explanation about what Sportfasting content and asked me what I wanted to achieve with it I had several reasons for wanting to start. Sportfasting with I am an energetic 54 year old woman. A year ago when I found a heart rhythm disorder and I came about the same time violently in transition. For the arrhythmia I got a beta blocker, and was on the waiting list for an operation. The menopausal symptoms and various side effects of the beta blocker I’ve felt pretty lousy about nine months and was fobbed off by the doctors. I could hardly sports (which I previously regularly did) and was very tired and lethargic. I decided to take. Matters into their own hands Be my lifestyle will change, go find a doctor who works with bio-identical hormones and gone under treatment at a Chinese acupuncturist. After a few months I felt almost back the old and my beta blocker halved and surgery canceled (with the approval of the cardiologist). Now I wanted to work out, improve my condition, which had deteriorated enormously and want to lose some weight again . Sportfasting so! 4 January I started really looking forward to the spa. The first day of sports under the guidance of Bas who explained me how to tackle the training sessions. The first two days were finishing me off easily. The 3rd day less, had some problems with my stomach, but with the support of Bass and nice and early to bed happy that day came to an early end. The three solid days went amazingly well. The supplements I had no appetite, felt super fit and had lots of energy. This was followed by four up days, days in which you slowly take solid food to you. The 2nd building day I felt a little less, but that was the third day again. All in all, the 10 intensive days that I finally have fallen so bad. What helped was certainly very good daily supervision by Bas, every day a pep mail, and I could always email or call with any questions or if I had any difficult. 11th, the day I had an evaluation with Bas that explained me how to keep the switch.Through regular exercise, my eating habits to adapt a bit and any supporting supplements which may Bas excellent advise me., By his extensive knowledge in this field, the result of course was that I was 4.6kg lighter feel very feel fit and now I again sport feel that my condition in a very short time really has gone ahead! My blood pressure is super and my heart rate is lower than in years and currently so stable that I started the beta blocker in four to share the hope I can stop it completely. Bass super thanks! Marjo Hoogers
Name: Raven Colinda

Again a few months ago, I followed a sport fasting at Bas. In the months before I played sports very irregular and I felt far from fit. This cycle of 10 days was not only physically but also mentally switch. I got another fancy sports, felt good and fit. I’m so glad I did it! And what makes you feel proud when you’ve done! That cure Immediately after the treatment I had lost 3.5 pounds, but now, a few months later that became 6.5. Now the guidance of Bas was during those 10 days (but also before and after) very much. He was there, on the right but also the bad times, always just to have a chat.His enthusiasm was very contagious. Soon I’m taking a mini cure and I’m already quite excited!
Name: Jos Arts
Company Name: Office ODYS
Job: Director

In the first week of January I have done a sports fasting by Bass. It was an intensive 10-day with many sports and special / modified food. I am very satisfied with the design of the course, with the guidance of Bas who is very knowledgeable and very concerned and sympathize with you. Now let’s see if I or my body the “switch” can hold …… Bass, thanks again! Jos Arts