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Photo of pack‘Sportfasting’ is a system designed to take your body a new direction so that it’s more efficient and better able to maintain a healthy weight. It’s a 10 day programme that trains your muscles and liver to use energy more efficiently and actually use fat instead of sugar. Essentially this is a change in your metabolism. Most people’s bodies, through years of poor eating, have been programmed to be dependant on sugar for energy. Simply because we eat so much sugar our bodies have come to expect it.

What you get and how the 10 day program works

  • You pay R2 795.
  • We courier a Sportfasting pack, as pictured above, to arrive within 5 days of payment which includes:
    • A specific day by day eating plan telling you exactly what and how much to eat.
    • Supplements including specific instruction on what, how much and when to take. The program is tough and these supplements are crucial to helping you surviving the 10 days and recovering afterwards.
  • A specific day by day training plan given to you by us, tailored to suit your current fitness level and circumstances.
  • Access to us if you want to ask any questions.