South Africa

Tyson Engelbrecht
Tyson Engelbrecht is the first person in South Africa who has kept a record of his progress while using Sportfasting. Have a look at his diary below. If you click the little arrow at the top right of the spreadsheet window below it will open in Google Docs and be easier to read, or you could click the download link underneath the window.

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Neville Bradshaw
Another satisfied Sportfasting customer, Neville (a South African riding The International Motocross circuit), achieved a long awaited goal of his this past weekend by winning a round of the British MX Championship at Foxhills in Swindon.
Here is what he had to say:
‘wanna thank Paul Cooper and Sportfasten for all the help with training and fitness, its an amazing program,and concept with great results. go check it out.’

Dean Hoffman
I never thought I was one of those people who would have to go on a “diet” as I’ve always been on the lean side most of my life. I was always very active either training for or racing Motocross or Surfing. Anyway, as life has it, I stopped being so active in my late 30’s and also stopped watching everything that I ate. Im guessing a slowing metabolism doesn’t help either.

So, here I was in my early 40’s having to lose some weight. Enter my best mate Paul Cooper, ex British Motocross Champion and cycling fanatic. He told me to stop moaning about my weight, make a decision and get on with it.

So I did. Paul introduced me to Sportfasting. I committed to the 10 day eating and training plan and lost a remarkable 5kg. I went from 88.5kg to 83.5kg in 10 days. It has been 3 weeks since I completed the course and I am still losing weight. 80kg is my goal weight.

 It was tough and you have to be committed, but the value you gain from the journey is much greater than the weight you lose. You will look at food in a different way after completing Sportsfasting.

Dean Hoffman
Professional Motocross coach.