South African Team The South African team consists of 3 people: Paul Cooper, Gregg Hopfeldt and Stephan Nuesser.

Paul RidingPaul Cooper: Paul was a professional motocross rider based in Europe, mostly England, from 1991-2005. During that time he was 4 times British Motocross Champion, rode for The British Motocross of Nations team numerous times and finished as high as eighth in The World Championship. Paul was always known as a health and fitness nut when he raced and was obsessive about his preparation. Nothing has changed, except he is no longer a professional sportsman, and now does road cycling. In fact on February 3, 2013, he won his first league race, the 110km Tour de PPA. We are confident that Sportfasting helped him achieve the goal of winning his first race.


Hope I'm not dead slow

Hope I’m not dead slow

Gregg Hopfeldt: Gregg has been passionate about health and fitness his entire life and has participated in a range of sports including Judo, Ninjitsu, mountain biking and road cycling, but his biggest love is running which he has been doing basically from the time he was able to. He is a Chartered Accountant (SA) and never lost his enjoyment of running during his studies and subsequent work. Being involved with bringing Sportfasting to South Africa combines his business acumen with his love of health and well-being.

Stephan Nuesser: Stephan was European BMX champion in 1985. Because of his passion for sports he studied and graduated as Master of Sport Science at the German Sports University of Cologne. He specialised in performance diagnostics and then became a personal trainer to several World Motocross Riders. Stephan was Managing Director of ZeLD (Competence Centre of Performance Tests) at The German Sports University Cologne from 2003-2008. Since then he has run his own test laboratory in Burscheid, Dusseldorf called SNDC (

Sportfasting was developed in The Netherlands and as such is where most of the brain power is, here are the relevant people:

Dr Remco Verkaik , medical biologist, lead developer Sportfasting: Remco Verkaik studied medical biology at the University of Utrecht, and then worked as a researcher at the IOC doping laboratory in the Pharmacy Faculty at Utrecht University. Remco  spent the last 15 years developing sports nutrition and lifestyle programs for various diseases, overweight people and top athletes using a combination of science and practical results. At the moment Remco trains Sportfasting coaches and develops the product further with top athletes, coaches and scientists.

Ing. Jeroen Janssen , food technologist, account manager Sportfasting: Jeroen Janssen studied food technology at the Hogeschool HAS Den Bosch, after which he worked over 7 years at a distributor as product and account manager for the sale of ingredients within the health and functional food sector from various international companies like DSM, Campina and Akzo. At the moment Jeroen maintain commercial contacts with existing and upcoming Sportfasting coaches.

Dr Jan Pieter Stout , business, operations manager Sportfasting: Jan Pieter Stout studied Business Administration at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, after which he worked in various IT companies as programmer and Internet marketer. At this time, Jan Pieter engaged in guiding the various operations within Sports Fasting, including logistics and ICT.

Corinne van Dijkhuizen , natural medicine therapist, Product Specialist Sportfasting: Corinne van Dijkhuizen has attended various sports and therapist courses related to personal training and natural medicine therapy. As an athlete Corinne has participated in extreme outdoor in combination with 4WD. At the moment keeps Corinne gives guidance to Sportfasting coaches and is involved in product research.

Dr Merel Isa Eefting , doctor, medical staff Sportfasting: Dr Eefting studied medicine at the University of Leiden. She is certified as FCCS physician (trained by the Society of Critical Care Medicine, California USA) and spent over 4 years working in intensive care units (ICU), emergency departments (ED) and surgery. In 2010 Dr Eefting specialized in plastic surgery and founded ISA Injectables. Dr Eefting is involved in the clinical aspects of the various Sportfasting programs.

Collaborations Program for fibromyalgia in collaboration with Fysio van Gurp: Along with Natascha van Gurp of Fysio van Gurp a program was designed for people with a particular type of muscle related fibromyalgia. Natascha van Gurp and Remco Verkaik provide joint training in this program. Natascha is a sports physiotherapist and many times Dutch Judoka champion, also having achieved international success. This program is primarily intended for practitioners of this patient group.

Program for sports performance in collaboration with Jac Orie: Along with movement scientist and professional skating coach Dr Jac Orie a program is being developed to athletes progress optimally based on their characteristics. Not only is this useful for top athletes, but also for anybody who wants to improve their level or for overweight people who use sport to achieve lasting weight loss. The program consists of a 2-day course and a software application that allows the athlete to tested and can be monitored.