Boost endurance

Using our short program you can boost your endurance and lose as much as 5kg. Simply put, your body will start to use fat more efficiently, giving you more energy for longer. If you’re wondering how can it be so easy to lose weight and improve endurance…it isn’t. The program is tough but nothing worthwhile is easy.

This is NOT a diet. It is a program that makes a long term change in your body’s metabolism and you will not have the usual yo yo’ing effect that dieting brings. By following some very basic Sportfasting principles your weight will stay off and you will be healthier. Recent research is starting to show the many health benefits related to having effective ketosis (fat burning).

Your cravings for sugary foods will also reduce which in itself helps keep weight off. Many people who’ve done the program actually find that months later they’re still losing weight.

Whether your goal is only to lose weight, or if it is to lose weight as well as improve your stamina, this is the program for you.

Price : £199

What you get with the program:
n exact meal plan, tailored training schedule, as well as nutritional supplements for each meal of the plan to ensure the increased fat burning as well as keeping your muscles repaired.

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