Hi Paul,

How are you?

I thought I’d give you a bit of an update: I have lost 12kg in total now (and I haven’t even done my mini fast yet).  My average speed on the road bike has improved from about 20km/h to 24km/h on a 30km loop.  My average speed on the MTB has improved from 14km/h to 17km/h on a 30km loop.  I have loads of energy and my fitness has improved drastically.  My average heart rate on a 30km ride on the road averages around 155 to 165 bpm, which I don’t think is bad considering that I used to do 20km/h at a heart rate of about 187 to 192 bpm. 

I am very impressed with what I achieved and Sportsfasting set this all in motion.
Thanks a mil!
(May 2016)

Below is a client’s answer to asking if they’d like to do a ‘mini’ fast:

Hi Paul

Actually I would like to!!! Please send me the info. Thank you so much.

I must say that I have continued to lose weight since doing the original programme. I have lost about 5kgs in total since last year. I am really pleased about it. Having said that I am feeling like I need a boost so it is good timing!!

Thanks again

Hi – apologies for delay in responding. I’m doing well. Have been travelling extensively for work and despite eating hotel food, airport food and whatever a client feeds me, plus not being able to exercise as much as usual, I have not put on any weight. Quite miraculous really! Hopefully once life settles down I can start losing again. Ideally I have about 5kg to lose.


Hi Paul

I felt I should write to let you know the results I had using Sportfasting. I have trained over the last 30 years and been a competitive athlete in fitness and figure class competitions but now I am nearer my 50th year, I am training for my health and to keep fit, however, due to my age, my training become a bit stale and mundane, and I felt the need to kick start it a bit. My husband having done a SF course with great results to aid his cycling encouraged me to do SF for myself.

I regularly run a 8 k ( 3 times a week) and have found for the last year, my times have stagnated and not improved at all, however, on completion of my SF course, I took and incredible 2 minutes off my time, and a bonus loss of 5 kilos. As I work full time, I utilised the 3 day mini program, which I feel anyone can fit into their working schedule. I have noticed that my metabolism has changed and reverted to working more efficiently, similarly to in my early 20s. i.e. – if I noticed some weight creeping back on (I have to live!!!), it only takes a day or two, of eating clean, to shift the weight I have gained.

Thank you very much for writing the programme for me, and I look forward to doing it again, where I hope to taken another 30 seconds plus off my time!

Sam Dormer

Hi Paul,

I trust you well.

The 10 day sports fasten that I have completed has worked really well. It was hard going at times but that’s when I had to dig deep for results. I loved every minute of it and will be looking to do it again at some point. It just shows that if ones stays committed anything is possible, never give up. I had been trying to loose excess body fat for years now and this has given me the boost I have been hoping for foursome time now. I went from 86.9kg to 81.6kg, the lightest I have been in a number of years. Now its a change of life style and not just a diet.

Many thanks for the program.

Much appreciated.
Craig Venske

Craig Photo 1

Craig Photo 1

Craig Photo 2

Craig Photo 2







How well does Sportfasting work?

When an elite athlete can drop 4 kg’s in a week whilst still keeping his strength and improving his endurance, the proof is in the proverbial pudding (we know Sportfasters aren’t allowed pudding!).

 Check out Neville Bradshaw’s (professional Motocross rider in Europe) before and after picture he posted on Facebook.

How good is Sportfasting

How good is Sportfasting


Malcolm Barske
Hi Paul

I’m sending this email to thank you for what Sport Fasting has done to my cycling. We had a bit of a crisis just before the tour where one of our strong riders crashed breaking both his arms. He was to be the rider to assist our 40 plus rider to defend the title he won last year. Since he had to pull out and the team needed someone to ride in his place I offered to ride for him and try to assist him in his 40 plus race. I had a stormer of a race and we managed to take the 40 plus category again.

I hit new personal highs for my FTP (270 watts on day two and 290 watts on day four. My 20 minute numbers and 60 minute numbers are the highest I’ve ever managed to get them. I am now operating at almost 4.8 watts per kg which is I didn’t think possible a few months ago.

The feedback from my coach was also great. Thank you once again.


Suzette van Broembsen
Hi Paul,

I hope you are doing well, I just wanted to let you know that I am a believer in your tool.

I did the Merrell 100 this weekend – leading by an hour on the 1st day (very sadly I got lost for 3 hours in the mountain 5km’s from the finish!!)

So ended up spending most of the day in the mountains trying to find my way..and losing 3 hours!

But the 2nd day I completely kicked ass and my time was nearly an hour faster than the lady that did end up winning, so I had an amazing experience and all I realised is that I am not breaking down as my body has learnt how to use the right forms of energy..

I will definitely do the mini fast again in January and know I would have won this endurance race by miles if I hadn’t gotten lost.

Thanks so much.

Donovan Brink
It is exactly 12 weeks since I completed the Sportfasting Make the Switch 10 day program and my weight this morning is 76.4kg. This is 7kg’s lower than the day I began the program weighing 83.5kg.

I had two reasons for doing the Sportfasting program, 1. Lose weight 2. Improve my fitness. 10 days after completing the program I raced the 94.7 cycle race and completed it in a time of 2hrs 47min with minimal training, so I was very pleased with my result.

My weight after the 10 day program was 78.4kg and by following a few basic guidelines given by the Sportfasting crew have consistently continued to lose weight. The most impressive thing is that I have still been enjoying my life, still having the occasional evening of wine, beer and braai food!

In January I ran my first ever 21km, the Dischem half-marathon and did it in a time of 1hr 59mins, achieving my goal of breaking the 2 hour mark. These times/results might not be that impressive for you pure athletes out there but for a full time business owner and father to two children, fitting in training and a healthy lifestyle becomes challenging.

This is where I really believe Sportfasting has made a change to my system where it is easy to maintain my fitness and my weight. Before my next event I plan to do a ‘Mini Fast’ to get another boost to my performance.

I hope my results can help to encourage others to take on this great program and have a positive improvement in their well being.

AN UPDATE BY DONOVAN: The past weekend, on 9 February 2014, I ran the Pick n Pay 21km. I did it in 1hr 45mins. I’m not a runner and don’t do a lot of running training, but am really impressed by my progress and was quite surprised by the time.

To see a diary of Donovan’s ‘Make the switch’ program click ‘Diary’.

Before 'Make the Switch'

Before ‘Make the Switch’

13 weeks after 'Make the Switch'

13 weeks after ‘Make the Switch’










Tyson Engelbrecht
Tyson Engelbrecht is the first person in South Africa who has kept a record of his progress while using Sportfasting. Click ‘Diary’ to open a new tab with a day by day account on how the program went for him.

Neville Bradshaw
Another satisfied Sportfasting customer, Neville (a South African riding The International Motocross circuit), achieved a long awaited goal of his this past weekend by winning a round of the British MX Championship at Foxhills in Swindon.

Here is what he had to say:
‘wanna thank Paul Cooper and Sportfasten for all the help with training and fitness, its an amazing program,and concept with great results. go check it out.’

Dean Hoffman
I never thought I was one of those people who would have to go on a “diet” as I’ve always been on the lean side most of my life. I was always very active either training for or racing Motocross or Surfing. Anyway, as life has it, I stopped being so active in my late 30’s and also stopped watching everything that I ate. Im guessing a slowing metabolism doesn’t help either.

So, here I was in my early 40’s having to lose some weight. Enter my best mate Paul Cooper, ex British Motocross Champion and cycling fanatic. He told me to stop moaning about my weight, make a decision and get on with it.

So I did. Paul introduced me to Sportfasting. I committed to the 10 day eating and training plan and lost a remarkable 5kg. I went from 88.5kg to 83.5kg in 10 days. It has been 3 weeks since I completed the course and I am still losing weight. 80kg is my goal weight.

It was tough and you have to be committed, but the value you gain from the journey is much greater than the weight you lose. You will look at food in a different way after completing Sportsfasting.

Dean Hoffman
Professional Motocross coach.

To see testimonials from ‘Dutch Clients’ click the link below:

These testimonials have been translated using Google Translate. Thus they probably won’t be in perfect English, but good enough to show you how effective Sportfasting is.

‘Dutch Clients’