Burn Fat for energy- not sugar…to lose weight and improve athletic endurance

GoMulti May/June 2013

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Check out these results from happy Sportfasting Clients (click links to right for day by day account of program):
Donovan Brink:        I lost 4.4kg!    Donovan’s Details
Jason du Toit:          I lost 2.5kg!
Heidi Kozinsky:       I lost 3.4kg!
Jason Kozinsky:     I lost 5.6kg!
Tyson Engelbrecht: I lost 5.8kg!    Tyson’s Details

Our goal is either to help you lose weight (and keep it off) and/or improve athletic endurance, all in 10 days- simple! The science behind it maybe isn’t so simple. But then you drive a car and you probably don’t understand how that works, what you do know is it takes you from A to B. Of course you are welcome to check our site for info about how Sportfasting works. Basically your body will learn to burn fat instead of sugar for energy. If you join our mailing list we’ll try send you interesting info every now and then about food and sports endurance, but we won’t bombard you with rubbish.